IJWLHGRAR Chapter 3.1

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Early in the morning, Mother Wu went to wake up Su Cheng. Initially she thought that Su Cheng was still sleeping. But, contrary to her expectation, Su Cheng was reciting series of Chinese poems.

Studious children are liked everywhere, thus, mother Wu’s impression of Su Cheng increased. Mother Wu knocked on Su Cheng’s door: “Su Cheng, come down and eat.”

Su Cheng packed up and went downstairs. In the dining room. Gu Guofeng and Mrs. Gu were already sitting on the table.

“Uncle Gu, Aunt Zhou. Good Morning!” Su Cheng greated the two and sat down quietly at the dining table.

This time, Mrs. Gu’s looks towards Su Cheng, is a little more kindly than before. In the beginning she was a bit skeptical if whether Su Cheng is a pampered miss or not. But after being together for a while, it seems that Su Cheng’s personality is polite and well-behaved child.

I heard mother Wu say that Su Cheng was reciting poems in her room early in the morning. Being hard-working is a good thing.’

Mrs. Gu became more sure of Su Cheng’s character.

“Su Cheng, you will go to school with Gu Cheng after dinner for a while. If you encounter any trouble at school, you can ask Gu Cheng.”

“Okay, thanks Aunt Zhou.” Su Cheng replied dumbly, but deep inside her heart she was uncomfortable.

Su Cheng: Gu Cheng is the biggest trouble I ever encountered in school!

As they were talking, the subject of their discussion was coming down the stairs. When Gu Cheng took his schoolbag, he directly went outside.

Zhou Yan noticed Gu Cheng and stopped him: “You haven’t eaten breakfast yet, why are you hurrying in leaving?”

“Don’t want to eat.” Gu Cheng coldly glanced at Su Cheng on the dinner table looking disgusted.

Being stared at by someone, Su Cheng’s hand on the spoon tightened subconsciously: She had been sleeping at that time in her previous life, she didn’t even know that someone climb up to the terrace in the middle of the night.[1]

Su Cheng didn’t intend to care about what Gu Cheng did yesterday, yet, it caused her a psychological shadow subconsciously.

“Cheng Cheng, wait a minute!” Seeing Gu Cheng had gone out, Zhou Yan ordered his servants to prepare a car so that Gu Cheng will take the ride.

“Su Cheng, have you eaten well?”

Su Cheng nodded.

Mrs. Gu said again: “Then you go with him.”

While, Mother Wu led Su Cheng to the door, Gu Cheng’s car was about to drive away. “Young master. Mrs. Gu’s command is that from now on, after breaks fast, you and Ms. Su Cheng will go to school together.”

Gu Cheng tirelessly look at Su Cheng and then he told the driver: “Drive”After a few meters, the car stopped and the window rolled down. Gu Cheng looked at Su Cheng and said impatiently: “What are you doing? Get in the car!”

Su Cheng: Ha.

When did Gu Cheng became compassionate and ready to take her to school due to conscience?

Su Cheng doesn’t think so.

Gu Cheng’s conscience does not allow her to be compassionate.

——Gu Cheng has many suitors in the school. One of them is the most popular school girl, Li Yanran, and the other is Miss An Yuqi. Although the family background of these two people is not as good as that of Gu, they are still prominent enough.

In her last life, Su Cheng got in Gu Cheng’s car, and Gu Cheng also specifically ordered the driver until the school gate. As soon as Su Cheng got out of the car after Gu Cheng, she aroused the envy of those little fans of Gu Cheng.

After everyone learned that Su Cheng and Gu Cheng were not related but still staying together under the same roof, their attitude towards Su Cheng became jealousy and hatred.

An Yuqi was the one who troubled Su Cheng the most among the little fans of Gu Cheng.Facing An Yuqi’s bullying, the only person Su Cheng could think of asking help is Gu Cheng.

But she made the wrong decision.

This was the result Gu Cheng wanted, so how he could have the audacity to help her?

Su Cheng still remembered that day, when someone in the class asked Gu Cheng jokingly: “Brother Cheng, I heard that Su Cheng is your fiancée?”

Gu Cheng did not explain, but just sneered at him and said a profound sentence: “A fiancée, is she worthy of that title?” She still remember this sentence even if many years had already passed.

At this point, everyone came to know that Su Cheng is nothing but a vain girl who is not only willing to leave Gu’s family, but also shamelessly seducing Gu Shao[2]. Fortunately, Gu Shao didn’t fall for her.


[1] On the previous chapter I wrote it as a terrace, but the raws were referring to a window. I changed it to terrace cause I don’t know what window is connected between two rooms so I changed it to terrace cause it is more plausible. Yet, in this sentence, it was referring to climbing up the window again. In order to be inclined with the previous chapter, I still wrote it as terrace.

[2] Someone who is great. Kind of a title like boss. I thought of changing it to young master but nah. Shao is good.

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