IJWLHGRAR Chapter 3.2

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After Gu Cheng said those words, many bad rumors about Su Cheng started to circulate throughout the school. Some people even put Su Cheng’s face with curses on the school’s most prominent board.

It was almost every day that Su Cheng’s desk were full of mess, sometimes there were piles of rubbish, other times were food and beverage leftovers, there was also some times when curses were written on her desk by either paint, markers or pens. Occasionally, when Su Cheng left her books on her desk, the next day she went to retrieve them, they were filled with the words “slut”.

“Su Cheng, get on the car… Su Cheng?” Mother Wu’s voice woke up Su Cheng from her dark memories.

“Mother Wu, the school is not far from here. It’s quite early now so, I still have time to walk to school.”

Su Cheng passed by the car and didn’t even look back at Gu Cheng. In her last life, Gu Cheng often threw her halfway the road, so Su Cheng had been very familiar with the road to the middle school.

Su Cheng wasn’t late when she arrived at school, so she went to the teacher’s office to find the adviser of the key class in order to report in.

Seeing that Su Cheng came alone, the adviser was somewhat surprised.

Meanwhile, there was already someone in the class that knows there is a transferee.

“Does anyone know what school the newcomer is transferred from?”

“Does anyone know? Which school is it?”

“Is the new classmate, a boy or a girl?”

At this time, the head teacher walked to the classroom. Behind her was a medium short girl. She was wearing a brand-new school uniform with her long hair meticulously tied into a ponytail.

“The new classmate is here.”

“Hey, what’s the matter on her face?”

Someone looked at Su Cheng’s face with surprise.

The injury on Su Cheng’s face was caused by the car accident on that day. Now, she has scabs on her face and it looks a little scary.

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In her last life, Su Cheng was very embarrassed and always feared that her wounds would be seen on her face. That’s the reason why, even when she already arrived in her classroom, she will always keep her head down.

In this life, however, she didn’t care about it anymore. From now on, Su Cheng will wear a calm expression even in face of those criticism.”

“Isn’t she miserable? She’s a girl but why did she have those scary scars?”

“Just go near her and ask.”

“You’re so beautiful, you go ask her.”

“Hey, I am disappointed. I thought the new classmate would be a big beauty.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I have a feeling that her face will definitely look good if she doesn’t have those scars.”

At this moment, there is someone staring at Su Cheng.

Qi Yixuan is one of the few people who knows the relationship between Su Cheng and Gu Cheng, and he also know the fact that Su Cheng is staying at the Gu’s family.

He didn’t have any feelings for Su Cheng, he was just curious-: ‘What is so strange about this person named Su Cheng that made his friend so disgusted? There are not many people who can make Gu Shao show such a strong dislike.’  

Only Qi Yixuan looked at her without being disgusted: ‘Except for the scars on Su Cheng’s face that looked a bit obstructive, there seemed to be nothing special about the other parts of her face, including particularly annoying ones.’


“Quiet” the adviser cleared her throat: “This is a new classmate who has just transferred over to our key class A, allow her introduce herself to everyone.”

“Hello everyone, my name is Su Cheng.”

Just that? Nothing else?

Everyone was waiting for Su Cheng’s words, such as “I’m good at XX”, “I like XX”, and no matter how bad her introduction would be, it will end with “It’s my pleasure to meet you everyone”, but now the result is unlike what they thought of…?

“Ah, in order to avoid delaying the class time, go take a seat and get to know each other later.” The head teacher looked around the classroom for a while: “Su Cheng, you can sit next to Gu Cheng.”

Gu Cheng’s table has an empty seat beside him. According to what the Principal have said, Su Cheng was sent by Mrs. Gu and the students should know each other.

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