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Back to Yangliu Village.

“Second Uncle said he went to pee and thus escaped the catastrophe.” Xia Qianqian said.

Her little siblings know little about family matters.

From what Xia Qianqian heard from mother Qin, she also start to feel suspicious. The two brothers went to send the tiles, and only the second uncle was left when they returned back. Now, the Xia family even said that it was Mother Qin’s unluckiness being contagious and swept them out.

This plot is very smooth, and the story is also well written.

“I still can’t believe it. Anyway, I saw your father’s alive and in death I want to see his corpse.” Mother Qin looked weak but quite stubborn.

Xia Qianqian has some uneasiness in her heart, so she just went and follow her mother first: “Well, well, when we have money, we will go and find father.”

“Yeah.” Mother Qin nodded vigorously, and slowly fell asleep with her little daughter curled up by the fire. .

Xia Qianqian was yet not sleepy, looking at the starry sky with regret.

Alas, I miss Gu’s large refrigerator, it was always full of delicious food. There is also Gu Yanjing’s braised pork, a very nice dish indeed… Sigh, the more one think about food, the more hungry you get.

If she could only rewind the time, she will definitely not divorce Gu Yanjing!

I miss being a Mrs. rich, one doesn’t need to have money problems and there were always food prepared for her…..

She must have been kicked in the head by a donkey before!

…………The sky slowly brightened. Sound of chickens and dogs barking came from the distant villages, echoes lingers in the mountains and fields. In the hazy autumn fog, it can be seen that the village was not far away, there were a few plumes of cooking smoke slowly rising.

“Mother, there is a village nearby!” Xia Qianqian rubbed her hands in excitement.

Mother Qin’s looked at Xia Qianqian. Although her half-blind eyes didn’t look very attractive, she was slim and gentle. Such a woman should be spoiled by her own husband. Just like her… ahem!

Xia Qianqian hurriedly stopped. They already got divorce and got transmigrated in the ancient times, so why should she need to think about Gu Yanjing? She can’t return home anymore!

“Qianqian, that is our Yangliu Village.” Mother Qin reminded softly.

Xia Qianqian:…

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Yes, they were driven out.

The Xia family is the “richest Family” in Yangliu Village, and the two uncles are very domineering. They were afraid that they will go back and fight for the family’s property so they were driven out of the village. They were only given a broken wooden cart so it was easier for them to live Yangliu Village as soon as possible.

“Mother, let’s go back to the village.” Xia Qianqian gritted her teeth.

The Mother Qin also wanted to go back, but when she thought of the people, who were like wolves and tigers back in the Xia family, she became easily intimidated.

“I still have a summer home, but if we go, we may never see your father again. Still father and mother did not confirm he died, right? We may have to wait for him and stay in the village of Yangliu.” Mother Qin said in a rational way, but she became a little bit excited.

“Let’s go to the village chief and ask him to be fair. I don’t believe he will not be fair. Everyone in Yangliu Village have against the Xia Family.”

Qin finally made up her mind: “Okay, let’s go back.”

Xia Qianqian has a leg injury, and Xia Yun sat on the wooden cart, It was only Mother Qin who pushed them back. Qin’s eyes are half-blind, and some light and shadow can be seen during the day.

When they encounter big potholes or turning corners, Xia Qianqian will remind her again and again.

The wooden cart swayed slowly, and the creaking sound was endless. Xia Qianqian thought of the small red super sport cars Gu Yanjing gave her…

If they didn’t divorced, if there is no transmigration, she should have been driving the sports car to a Michelin restaurant to enjoy breakfast at this time, and then go to the Die Di [1] with her sisters.

This. Is. Retribution!

“Oh!” Xia Qianqian sighed again, and her eyes reddened. Gu Yanjing, I miss you.

… The village was not far away, but the road was very rough and there was still some distance to walk. The elderly, sick and weak mother and daughter stopped and went back walking to the Yangliu Village until lunch.

A worn-out carriage was driving out of the village. It was driven by Xia Qianqian’s second uncle Xia Dinghai. Seeing the three of them Xia Qianqian’s mother and daughter, he hurriedly stopped the carriage and asked in surprise: “Hey, why are you back again?”

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[1]Boy hunting or going to the bar and check out handsome guys.

1 ko-fi= 2 chapters

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