After becoming a male God, I bent 3 big shots?!

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Chinese Name: 成为男神后我掰弯了三个大佬 Author:赵嘉知 Raw link: The depressed soul of a woman pretending to be a man is pitiful.The almighty female artist Qiao Yu thought that she was holding the ultimate script of the entertainment industry. Her next life should be surrounded by fans. She was hugged left and right, but she did not expect she will be chased by three big bosses, and couldn’t get rid of it. The talented novelist with over 100 million royalties in the future said with his soft eyes: “I can write to you what role you want.” The famous member of the boy group C, said while blushing: “Some fans have created a CP with both of us.” The prince of the billion-dollar group arrogantly proposed: “Qiao Yu, do you want resources?” Qiao Yu responded: “No, I don’t want any of you.” ———————Synopsis #2: Qiao Yu from the previous life didn’t look strong enough to get herself together. And the little poor Qiao Yu in this life has a heaven-defying face, Both beauty and strength coexist in this new body. It’s said that the entertainment industry has been fighting for the past years and the appearance of Qiao Yu finally unified the rampaging circle. She is the omnipotent treasure idol. She is the top traffic at the peak of her debut. She is the rose teenager that everyone is crazy about. ————————– Q: What is your opinion on being rated as the most sleepy male artist among girls in the entertainment circle for the last three consecutive years? Qiao Yu: Eat less vegetables and drink more, I have everything in my dreams. I want to starve to death without cooking, right? P.S. This is not a BL



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