After the divorce, me and my tyrant ex-husband got transmigratted as a farmers in the ancient times.

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Chinese name: 离婚后和霸总穿去古代种田 Author: 卿云 Link to Raws: In order to get away from clutches of the tyrant boss, Xia Qianqian swears to the sky: “I will get a divorce even if I were to farm in ancient times!” OK! Successful divorce!Successfully transmigratted! Xia Qianqian looked at her blind mother, three-year-old sister, and her half-crippled legs, crying without tears: “God, I’m just joking, I didn’t mean to be so serious…” Since she became a shabby peasant girl, she needed to live a life of hardship. Fighting beast, raising younger brothers and sisters, building kilns and burning tiles to make big money, all she need to rely on is a bear heart and leopard courage! There is a rumor from ten miles to eight towns that there is a powerful girl in Yangliu Village, and she was someone no one dares to marry. Gu Changsheng came to the door with the divorce certificate: “Wife, when will we remarry?”



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