BGHV Chapter 1

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In a narrow and dark alley, the air was full of disgusting and rotten garbage.


Pei Yi was forcefully thrown to the ground. His body curled up protecting his most vulnerable parts. He hold onto his head tightly, while, bearing the pain from the fist falling on him as if it was raining.

He began to bit his lips in order to avoid any moan of pain escaping. His deep eyes continuously avoided the feeling of despair, very tenacious, unlike his beaten state.

There were five to six hooligans cursing on him as they release their punch. The leader took out Pei Yi’s wallet and yelled: “What! Daring to resist? Boy, you shouldn’t blame us! Blame only yourself for offending someone who shouldn’t be offended!” After spoke, he kicked Pei Yi fiercely, then he turned around and prepared to leave together with his little brothers. At this moment, a rumbling sounds from the harsh brakes of a motorcycle, suddenly stopped at the entrance of the alley. The light from the motorcycle illuminated the dim alley.

The bastards already got used to the dim environment of the alley. Now, with a dazzling light suddenly appearing, they subconsciously tried to block the light by raising their arms.

The leader cursed and said, “Who is this young man, seeking his death, by blocking this master’s way outside?”

The person on the motorcycle chuckled slightly, with some sarcasm, hooked his foot gently, parked the motorcycle, got out of the car, and walked out of the light.

Even though that person is not recognizable by wearing a black leather jacket and a helmet, she possessed a good figure, he could tell immediately that she is a woman at a glance.

Those bastards exchanged glances with each others, revealing a wretched smile: “Oh! Why it this chick here? Are you trying to be a heroine for this little boy?”

Ji Yao sneered after hearing this, and said flatly: “Trash!”

Hearing this, the gangster instantly became angry: “Why do girls don’t understand the grave miserable consequences of offending a powerful person? Today I will be teaching you how man can I be! Brothers take down that woman!”

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Ji Yao picked up the stick beside her and hid inside the helmet her whole head in order to avoid any scratches that may hit her face.

Her eyes showed a fierce nature, watching the gangsters commencing the fight, without hesitation she greeted them with the wooden stick.

Ten minutes later… The gangsters all fell to the ground, and his brothers were all wailing on the ground right beside him. He looked at the woman walking towards him, step by step and slowly against the light. He couldn’t stop trembling for fear, so he couldn’t help but fall back: “You…Don’t come over!”

After speaking, he got up with his hands and feet together ready to rush out of the alley. Ji Yao’s eyes flashed. Looking at the person trying to escape, she gently tossed the wooden stick from her hand and violently kicked, with her slender leg, towards the wooden stick which then flew out quickly and hit the person escaping.

“–Ah!” With a scream, he fell right beside the other gangsters lying.

After determining that none of those people were unable to stand up, Ji Yao walked to the beaten young man.

The 27-year-old man was embarrassed with sweat and blood mixed on his face.

Pei Yi opened his eyes and looked at the woman coming back from the light. She took off the black helmet that she had been wearing on her head, since the beginning. Her black hair fluttered in the wind. Upon seeing her face, people will remember it at a glance.

“Are you okay?” He heard the woman’s gentle voice, and her eyes were full of worry. Worry? How can it be? Who would worry about a villain like himself?

When Pei Yi thought of those bad things, his head became even more uncomfortable, and can only see black in front of him.

Ji Yao yelled twice and saw no response. She understood that this person had passed out. Even though the man was in a coma, his body was trembling, as if he had endured great pain and frowned.

She hurriedly lift him up on her back and left the motorcycle. She got out of the alley and took a taxi to the hospital.

Half an hour later, Ji Yao, who had already paid the medical bills, went to the ward.

“Ding, ‘Building a Golden House for the Villain’ system is officially launched~”

<<Ding, congratulations to the host for consuming 1,200 yuan for the villain! Life time has increased to 20 hours.>>

<<Life balance remaining is 22 hours, 57 minutes, 26 seconds.>>

<<Warning! Warning! Your life balance is less than one day!>>

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