BGHV Chapter 2

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Ji Yao arranged a separate ward for Pei Yi. She sat on the chair next to his bed and sent a message to her assistant to drive her motorcycle to the hospital, put down the phone, and looked at the man carefully.

Two hours ago, Ji Yao transmigrated in this book and bind to a system called “Building a Golden House for the villain”

The system said that she had to spent her money to villain in the book in order to survive.

She didn’t believe it.

So she died! Then, live again!

After three times, she was Buddha (enlightened)!

The man on this hospital bed is the biggest villain in the book, Pei Yi, he is also the youngest son of the country’s richest man who has been lost since childhood.

Pei Yi was adopted by the Pei family when he was lost in his childhood, and not long ago Pei’s family went bankrupt, and his adoptive parents died in a car accident.

According to the book, it will take at least a year in order for Pei Yi to return on the richest man’s home. During this year, Pei Yi suffered many setbacks, humiliation and thus, he blackened.

Thinking of the inexplicable system, Ji Yao got up and went out, and soon came back together with some bags in her hands.

She put the bags next to his bed, “Okay, I bought something for him, can you increase my life value now?”

System: “Master, if Pei Yi doesn’t use this clothes, this will not be counted towards your life value. Oh! Also, if Pei Yi pays you back, the previous consumption will not be counted, and your life value will also be deducted~”

Ji Yao asked: “You mean, the money I spent to him or buy something for him, he must use it? In case I buy him a gift, he thinks it is very precious and is not willing to use it, then it will not count if he doesn’t need it?”

The system explained: “As long as Pei Yi uses or accepts what you give him it’s fine, now Pei Yi is in coma, and the system can’t judge whether he accepts it or not!”

Ji Yao: ╚(•⌂•)╝

She looked at the clothes on the bed, unpacked them, and started change the clothes of the unconscious Pei Yi.

Mandatory use is also called used, right?

Nothing wrong at all.

Ji Yao struggled with putting the clothes on Pei Yi. The upper body was okay, but the lower body was a bit difficult.

Ji Yao looked at the trousers, and after a thought struggle, she stretched her hand to the zipper and just when she pulled the zipper down…

“What are you doing?”

A cold voice sounded above her head.

Ji Yao raised her head and met a pair of eyes that were not warm at all. Those eyes looked at her hands as if he is ready to chop them up.

Ji Yao lowered her head and looked at her hand still resting on the zipper of the man’s pants.

Time stands still for three seconds.

Ji Yao jumped up suddenly, and subconsciously pulled the quilt up, and directly covered the man under it.

Pei Yi didn’t expect to see the woman unzipping his pants as soon as he woke up, and he also didn’t expect that the same woman will cover him with a quilt.

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He slowly took off the quilt with his hands and fixedly looked at Ji Yao in front of him, as if waiting for an explanation.

Ji Yao touched her nose awkwardly, “I just saw that your clothes are dirty and want to change you to a clean one. There is absolutely no other ideas.”

Pei Yi looked around the surroundings, glanced at his clothes, and then again he looked at the clothes he changed from next to him. Suddenly some pictures flashed through his mind, he was ready to pull out the needles in his arm when he got up.

Ji Yao was taken aback and held the person down, “Hey, what are you doing? You still need to be treated!”

Pei Yi looked at the hands pressed against him, following the slender white hands, he slowly faced its owner.

Ji Yao tried her best to keep smiling, her tone was full of worry, “You are very weak now and needs medical treatment. You can’t leave the hospital.”

Pei Yi looked at her, and after a moment of silence, he slowly let go of her hand and sat on the bed as if thinking about something. .

Seeing him calm down, Ji Yao let go of her hand.

In the ward, both fell into silence, it was quite awkward for a while.

“Well, why did those people beat you?” Ji Yao cleared her throat, breaking the awkwardness surrounding them.

Pei Yi glanced at her lightly, “For the money.”

Ji Yao’s gaze fell on the wallet on the side table. She knew already that the wallet was empty, “What happened to your house, I heard it, bankruptcy left you with nothing, if you lack money, I…I will support you!”

Hearing this, Pei Yi looked up at her, seeming to be surprised by her statement.

Ji Yao really wanted to beat herself after she finished speaking, what nonsense was she talking about? The big villain will be willing to take support from?

Pei Yi looked at her, the concern in the woman’s eyes did not seem to be false, and there was a trace of interest in her eyes. He, the former fiancée of this woman, is too poor. while, she loves the rich and has no brains, actually said that she wanted to support him?


Ji Yao felt that saying that might have hurt the villain’s weak heart, so she needed to remedy its statement, “That I mean…”


“(⊙_⊙) What?”

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