Building a Golden House for the Villain!

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Chinese name: 我给反派造金屋

Author: 卿云瑾

Raws: “Ding— initiating system binding.” Ji Yao transmigratted in a book and, as soon as she lands in, she binds to a system.The system said she had to spend her money on the villain in order to survive. Ji Yao: This garbage system is making me spends my money for nothing and still lying to me. Later, Ji Yao met the villain… Ji Yao: I will! I will give you money! Am I still allowed to? The villain’s lips are smiling, his eyebrows are gentle, and he whispers softly in her ear, “Yaoyao, you must only like me, otherwise I will punish you!” Ji Yao: I…I can not only use money to support you, but I’m also willing to donate my liver!



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