HYIMA Chapter 1

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Early summer in June, Huaqing University.

The campus under the blue sky.

At a glance, the trees are shaded and lush. The sun shining on the mulberry tree in front of the teaching building was delicate and gentle, and the light shuttled in between.

The classical dance students of the Dance Academy have just finished the last theory class of this week. Lin Jiayin is holding the book and stepping on the mottled shadow of the tree, walking side by side with her roommate Tao Mo.

“Are you going to the friendship gathering across the lake?” Tao Mo asked.

Lin Jiayin shook her head: “I don’t want to go.”

The opposite of the lake refers to the headquarters of Huaqing University, which is the Huaqing University before the merger.

Huaqing University ranks among the top 1 in China. It was originally an engineering college. Five years ago, the new president came to power and merged with the adjacent National Dance Academy and the Gome Academy.

According to rumors, it was because the new principal could not stand the school’s male to female ratio coming close to ten to zero.

However, National Dance Academy and Gome Academy were also first-class professional schools in China.

Across the long winding Yueming Lake, opposite the lake are science and engineering students with many boys and rarely seen girls, and at the end of the lake are art students with many girls and rarely seen boys.

The two parties complement each other, and the friendship naturally increased. Especially the location of the dance academy where Lin Jiayin is enrolled for the next semester.

“There is an acquaintance party at the main campus, the moderators are still pestering me to persuade you attending the party this afternoon. ” Tao Mo slammed her arm ambiguously: “Why not go?”

“It’s more like a party were you flirt with other”

“It seems to be that case.” Tao Mo took her arm and said, “It doesn’t matter what kind of party it is, you follow me anyway.”

Tao Mo is a1.72 meters tall woman, dragging the petite Lin Jiayin made her a little bit unable to walk, so she panted slightly.

Raising her eyebrows: “I have something to do tonight.”

“Don’t lie to me, what will you do this night anyway?”

Lin Jiayin pursed her lips: “It is something important.”

“Eh, it’s a pity that you will not be able to attend, there would be many handsome and good looking people.” Tao Mo squinted at her.

Lin Jiayin shook her head to herself: “They are not beautiful.” In her eyes, there was only one person who looked good.

“What about mature handsome guys?” Tao Mo continued to stare at her, “I will count on him to let you get out of the single world.”


Tao Mo sighed, “I can just imagine, you falling in love and spend all the time flirting with each other.”

“I have a boyfriend. ”

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