IJWLHGRAR Chapter 1.1

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Maple Garden, where Gu’s villa in Beijing is located.

The decorations of the villa is just like its owner: noble and extraordinary, every corner of this villa is cold and extremely luxurious. This is something that ordinary people will have a hard time to reach for their whole lifetime.

At this moment, a girl with thin clothes is standing in front of the Villa’s gate. The girl is sixteen or seventeen years old, wearing a white sweater, jeans, and a pair of flat shoes. She was also dragging a shabby yellow trolley suitcase. Standing there, she seems out of place in front of this exquisite villa.

“Su Cheng, we are here. This is Gu’s house. Don’t be nervous. The husband, wife, and young master here are all very kind people.”

Upon hearing this, the girl named “Su Cheng” came back to her senses. In her eyes there was a flash of irony—Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu may not be bad guys, but Gu Cheng is a complete demon.

“Outside is very sunny, let’s go into the house.” Mother Wu said to Su Cheng, saying in her heart: This girl looks good, she’s also a good-looking girl, but she was a bit quiet. She only said a few words along the way, which is “Thank you” and “Okay”.  

“This is the front hall, the back is the living room, the dining room is over there, and your room is on the second floor…” Mother Wu introduced while taking Su Cheng up to the second floor.

As they were talking, a figure suddenly blocked the path of the two of them.

“What are you doing here?” Indifferent, low, and a little lazy voice came into Su Cheng’s ears. It was obviously April, but it made people feel like they were in the middle of a cold winter.

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Su Cheng never looked up, and just glanced at the person in front of him. This person was tall, very tall, much taller than Su Cheng. The simple white shirt and casual pants also gave him an extraordinary extravagance.

Su Cheng at the moment has no intention of appreciating this extravagance.

“Young Master”, Mother Wu then explained to the person infront: “This is to let Ms. Su Cheng take a look it.”

“I know, I ask you to take her upstairs to do?”

Mother Wu: “I am just following the instructions, it was instructed to me that her room is on the second floor.”

“Her room? The second floor?”


Su Cheng heard the young master Gu’s sneer, and said, “Give her a room downstairs.”

“How can we do that…” Downstairs’ rooms are for all the people who works for them, and Su Cheng should be a guest no matter what.

Faced with Mother Wu’s confusion, Young Master Gu only spit out one word: “Dirty.” There were only three people present, and Young Master Gu naturally was referring toSu Cheng.

But why? Mother Wu looked at her young master and the girl with her head buried next to her.

She was embarrassed and at the same time she was puzzled: ‘Although Su Cheng’s dress was simpler, she was also a quiet and clean girl. The young master clearly saw Su Cheng for the first time, how could he say such hurtful things to other girls.’  

Mother Wu look at Su Cheng worriedly but saw that Su Cheng’s face usual face didn’t change, as if she didn’t take it to heart the humiliation Young Master Gu gave her.

To Su Cheng, is not that she didn’t care, but she was already numb from the humiliation given by Young Master Gu in her previous life – thinking about it carefully, did this person humiliate her less in her previous life?

——In the previous life, after her stepfather and stepbrother had an accident, Su Cheng was picked up by Gu’s family on this day, and the first person she saw here was Gu Cheng.

Ever since the first meeting, Gu Cheng already shown great disgust towards Su Cheng.

At that time, Mother Wu just explained that “the young master is in a bad mood these past few days, and he is more approachable when he isn’t in bad mood”, Su Cheng believed.

Therefore, in the following period of time, Su Cheng tried his best to be friendly and well-behaved in front of Gu Cheng, and tried to fit to the elegance of the Gu family as much as possible.

Su Cheng’s behavior was interpreted as shameless infatuation in front of Young Master Gu.

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