IJWLHGRAR Chapter 1.2

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It is not only Gu Cheng thought so, but everyone around him thought the same.  ,

So in school, Su Cheng’s reputation became a seductress girl: the Gu family kindly took her in. Not only she was not grateful, she also wanted to seduce the Gu family’s young master.

Those rumors and rumors finally reached Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu’s ears, and the two began to think that Su Cheng was a bad girl with bad intentions. Faced with huge pressure, Su Cheng cowardly chose to escape from the Gu family.

Su Cheng didn’t have a good time after leaving Gu’s family, and it didn’t take long until her life to come to an end.

Until the moment she closed her eyes, Su Cheng still didn’t understand why Gu Cheng hated her so much. After opening her eyes again, Su Cheng was reborn and returned to the day when she was taken by the Gu family.

–Back to the present–

Gu Cheng also said the same thing to her in the previous life.

If it wasn’t for her weak strength, Su Cheng really wanted to pull this young master Gu by his collar at the moment, asking him carefully: ‘In what part is she dirty?

Knowing that she was going to someone else’s house, she took a shower the night before. The clothes on her body were also washed and changed in the morning. Except for some scars on her face that hasn’t yet recovered from the car accident at that time, she couldn’t help but really ask, ‘Where is she dirty?’

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“Mother Wu, I can live downstairs.” Su Cheng said to Mother Wu.

Not letting me live upstairs? I’m okay with it, I don’t want to live on the second floor with this devil!

While arranging the room downstairs and unpacking some of the baggage, Mr. Gu came back. After hearing about the incident earlier, Mr. Gu severely reprimanded Gu Cheng, and in the end Su Cheng still lived on the second floor, next to Gu Cheng’s room.

On the dinning table.

Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu sat at the both ends, while Su Cheng and Gu Cheng sat down opposite to each other.

Mr. Gu, with his chopsticks, picked up a dish for Su Cheng and put it on her plate: “Su Cheng, your father and I have been old comrades-in-arms for many years. Don’t be too sad about your father’s death. From now on, you will live with us and this Uncle Gu will treat you as a family.”

“Thank you Uncle Gu.” Su Cheng buried her face in the bowl and replied in a low voice.

“Huh, what a faker.” The harmonious dining table was broken by Gu Cheng with a cold snort.

“Gu Cheng! Watch how do you talk!”

“Am I wrong? Pretending to be pitiful just to gain your sympathy. It disgust me to her acting”

“You– !” Mrs. Gu promptly calmed and tried to be the middle man to the conflict between the father and son: “Okay, let’s continue eating, and less talking”

“I’m full.” Gu Cheng dropped his chopsticks in front of his plate still not half- eaten.

“Cheng Cheng, you haven’t even eaten a few bites of this meal, why are you full?” Mrs. Gu looked at her son with concern.

“I don’t want to eat.” Gu Cheng stood up and glanced at Su Cheng coldly: “Besides, can people and trash eat together?

Mr. Gu: “Gu Cheng!”

Mrs. Gu: “Guofeng, don’t get angry first.”

Gu Goufeng: “Look at what he is talking about.”

Zhou Yan: “Not all children at this age are like this, and suddenly there is another child. We didn’t inform him in advance. And so he might be upset at the moment.”

After that, Zhou Yan looked at Su Cheng again, and said in a kind tone: “Are you Su Cheng? It sounds a bit like our Gu Cheng. It is this auntie’s fault for Cheng’s misbehavior, I did not inform him you were coming in this house and live her. His heart right now might be a little troubled and a little bit awkward, please don’t mind him. After a few days he might be familiar with you and he will bot misbehave anymore.”

Facing Mrs. Gu’s explanation, Su Cheng nodded silently, but deep inside of her she thought: ‘Gu Cheng hated me more than anything in this world in the previous life, I am not surprised to see him hate me in this life as well.’

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