IJWLHGRAR Chapter 1.3

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In her previous life, she couldn’t understand why Gu Cheng hates her, so she tried to please Gu Cheng over and over again, but in the end it only intensified Gu Cheng’s hate and humiliated her even more.

Now, Su Cheng has only one thing in mind: ‘I need to stay away from the demon named Gu Cheng.’ 

In the evening, Su Cheng returned back to the room Mr. And Mrs. Gu arrange for her. Looking blankly at the huge room, there was only one thing Su Cheng finds familiar in the corner, it was her luggage. Even if the room is fully furnished, Su Cheng wasn’t accustomed to using any of them.

Even after living here for nearly two years in her previous life, Su Cheng was still very unfamiliar with everything inside.

This time, Su Cheng didn’t plan to stay in the Gu’s family for too long. When she have enough money, she will moved out from here.

*On the other side, the villa’s master bedroom. *

Gu Guofeng was in a bad mood due to his son behavior today together with Mrs Gu’s performance.

Gu Guofeng: “Look at what he does now!”

“Gu Cheng isn’t like this, he is usually very sensible” Mrs. Gu replied with the intention of defending Gu Cheng: “Furthermore, you suddenly decided to bring someone here. When I received the news, I didn’t even have enough time to ask our son’s thoughts in advance. How can we demand more regarding to his response now?

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After a long silence, Zhou Yan thought: “Guofeng, I think our son rejects Su Cheng so much. Why not let Su Cheng live in another place?” There are so many properties under the Gu family, they can just choose any place to settle Su Cheng.

Gu Guofeng: “How can this work! Brother Ye and I are sworn brothers. Now, something has happened to brother Ye. I promised to take care of his child, but now I will let her live in another place?. How can I be worthy of being Brother Ye’s sworn brother?!”

Gu Guofeng and Ye An’s family, which is Su Cheng’s stepfather, were former comrades-in-arms. Ye An’s family saved Gu Guofeng’s life when they were on the mission, and their relationship has always been good. Later, Ye An went to work as a police to arrest drug criminals as a police, and Gu Guofeng returned to the capital to inherit the family business.

Two weeks ago, Ye An’s family was attacked by the enemy. The car crashed and took Ye An’s life. In the end only Su Cheng survived.

Hearing this, Zhou Yan showed a look of unwillingness: “I don’t object to you to repay your comrade’s life-saving grace, but Su Cheng and Ye An’s family have no blood relationship.”

Su Cheng was brought by Ye An’s second wife.

“Doesn’t Ye An’s family still have a son? Why don’t you take care of the other ‘s son?” Gu Guofeng darkened his face: “Do you think I didn’t send someone to investigate about brother Ye’s son?” There are a total of four people, Ye An’s family, the second wife Su Rou, Ye Fan’s son, and Su Cheng.

In the last screen captured by the CCTV, Su Cheng was thrown out of the car by Ye Fan immediately before the car lost control and the accident happened.

When the police arrived at the scene, they only found the dead body of Ye An in the car. His wife and son were nowhere to be seen. Even Su Cheng, who was thrown out of the car in advance, was only found two days later. At that time, Su Cheng was in a very bad state, it almost took her life.

The police found some clues, guessing that Ye Fan and Su Rou were probably taken away by the enemies of Ye An’s house. Because that group of people are not only doing white business, but also being used as tool for official business.

“Old Ye is gone. Leaving only Su Cheng, a pitiful little girl,” Gu Guofeng sighed softly, “Didn’t you also fund several poor students in mountainous areas? Let’s take this as a good deed.”

“Also, don’t be too tolerant of Gu Cheng’s behavior, try to be a middle man and smooth the relationship of the two children.”

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