IJWLHGRAR Chapter 2.1

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On the third day after being taken in by the Gu’s family, Mrs. Gu took Su Cheng to school.

In the office of the principal of Shangming High School.

At this time, Principal Chen was holding Su Cheng’s admission test paper with a complicated look.

After considering it for a while, Principal Chen said: “This student’s basic knowledge is a little weak.”

It is indeed very weak. A simple trigonometric function is barely used in the mathematical problems, and Chinese reading comprehension is barely passable. Bad with writing poems and there were some famous quotes, which have 8 questions, weren’t answered; English is a little better, but it is just a little bit above the passing level.

Only the three main subjects were tested at this time, and if she were to take the test for the minor subject, it may be far worse.”Mrs. Gu, judging from the current level of this student, it may be very difficult for her to enter the key class of the second year.”

Although Shangming Middle School is a private middle school and most of the students attending are rich and expensive, their teaching quality and student level are relatively high. Not worse than the city’s key high schools especially students in key classes can be among the top student when they get to transfer on other key high schools.

However, students like Su Cheng…

“If Mrs. Gu insist her to enter the key class, my suggestion is to repeat one year and start learning from the first year of high school.”

Hearing President Chen’s suggestion, Zhou Yan wanted to agree immediately. While, Su Cheng next to her wanted to disagree with such arrangements and said: “Principal, there is no need to repeat the 1st year grade. I can attend the ordinary class.”

Su Cheng has already set a one-year plan for herself: Within one year, she will earn enough money to move out of the Gu family. If this goal cannot be achieved, Su Cheng has a plan B of taking the college entrance examination, achieve a high score and then she will choose a university outside the capital. By achieving this, she does not need to stay at the Gu’s family anymore. Meanwhile, if she repeat a school year, it means that Su Cheng will have to wait another year for the college entrance examination! This is the last thing she wants!

Compared to the key class where Gu Cheng is attending, Su Cheng is more than willing to attend the ordinary classes.

Listening to Su Cheng’s words, Mrs. Gu frowned: “No, how can I allow you to attend the ordinary class!” Gu Guofeng had asked her to smoothen the relationship between them, therefore she must pay attention to all aspects. Since their family’s son, Gu Cheng, is studying in the key class, she must not let Su Cheng attend the ordinary class!

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“Principal Chen, this kid is a hard-working student, so she will not need to repeat a grade. We have some good relationship towards the school, so can you give me a face and put her in a key class in the second year of high school? Might as well let her attend the same class with Gu Cheng, he might help her learn the lessons she didn’t understood.” With the Gu’s being one of the members of the board of directors, and they donate teaching equipment every year, the Principal Chen naturally will give some face to the Gu’s.

He just made some reasonable suggestions due to a principal’s duty.

“Since Mrs. Gu said so, I will put Su Cheng in Gu Cheng’s class first.”

“Then I will thank you, Principal Chen.”

” Mrs. Gu is polite.”

“I can only ask Su Cheng first. After entering the key class, whether she can continue to study in the key class depends on her student status and examination conditions.” After a pause, Principal Chen said: “According to the regulations of the monthly exam, only by being one of the top 12% of the examinations makes a student eligible to stay in the key class. As for Su Cheng, I will adjust the conditions as long as she can reach the guaranteed minimum score.” The monthly test average score can be lesser than the key class, which means she obviously entered the class through back door opened brightly for her.

“Okay, let’s do that.” Zhou Yan turned to Su Cheng: “Su Cheng, you will attend the class with Cheng Cheng from tomorrow, do you understand?”

Mrs. Gu seemed gentle and spoke softly. Despite that, she is a very powerful woman. Sometimes even Gu Guofeng can’t change the things she decides on.

Knowing this, Su Cheng didn’t bother to challenge Mrs. Gu’s patience.

“I know, and thank you auntie.”

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