IJWLHGRAR Chapter 2.2

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Back to the Gu’s Family Villa.

Mrs Gu placed a bank card in front of Su Cheng.

“Su Cheng, this card contains 20,000 yuan, this is the pocket money that I will be giving you. Cheng Cheng’s pocket money that I give every month is 18 thousand. I originally wanted to give you the same amount as him. But thinking that you are a girl and you might want to buy more things, I decided to give you 20,000. From now on, I will ask my assistant to send money to this card before the 5th of every month. “

Looking at the bank card in front of her, Su Cheng didn’t reach for it.

Mrs. Gu also gave her such a bank card in her previous life. At that time, Su Cheng saw that Mrs. Gu actually gave her pocket money more than for his son. She was naturally grateful as this was the first time Su Cheng felt some concern from her elders after the death of her stepfather.

But, Su Cheng had never thought that Mrs. Gu gave her so much pocket money for other reasons: Zhou Yan can show Mr. Gu that she didn’t treat his comrade-in-arms’ stepdaughter harshly. On the other hand, it also to tested how is the temptation bottom line of Su Cheng.

Where can ordinary people’s children get 20,000 yuan in pocket money?

At that time, Su Cheng accepted the card without hesitation and Mrs. Gu’s face was a little ugly.

After that, as Mrs. Gu said, she really gave pocket money every month but in the process Mrs. Gu started to dislike Su Cheng. Specially after learning from her assistant that the 20,000 yuan were taken by Su Cheng but didn’t spend anything. From then on, Mrs. Gu believed that Su Cheng is a bad girl.

Su Cheng won’t make the same mistake again after reborn.

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“Aunt Zhou, you don’t need to give me pocket money anymore. I now live in Gu’s house, I don’t really need much money.”

Sure enough when she heard Su Cheng’s words, Mrs. Gu’s eyes became more loving while looking at her.

“You little girl, must have a lot of things to buy, how can you not use money? Don’t be embarrassed if Aunt Zhou wants to give you the money. “

“I really don’t need it, and my parents left me some money.”

“Really? Is the money they left for you enough?’


Zhou Yan was only polite with the child. Seeing that Su Cheng really didn’t want it, she didn’t force her: “If you don’t have enough money, you must remember to tell auntie.”

Mrs. Gu took the card back.

In the evening, Gu Guofeng came back, and Zhou Yan told him the happenings today.

Zhou Yan: “I didn’t treat bad your comrade-in-arms’ daughter, it is because she didn’t want the money.”

Gu Guofeng: “You are ashamed to say that brother Ye’s family is a normal family. It is estimated that Su Cheng’s new year’s money and pocket money for several years combined it will be not much. Now, you put 20,000 yuan in front of her at once. Who dares to take it?”

“Isn’t it I am implementing the ‘treat her good’ policy you said?” Zhou Yan smiled as she said, “But she is quite a good girl. If she dares to accept, I have to worry that child have evil intents. “

Gu Guofeng: “With brother Ye’s character out there, as his poor child, can she have a bad character?”

“However, that kid doesn’t want this pocket money and It is not good to give her money lesser than Gu Cheng. You can tell mother Wu, that if Su Cheng wants to buy something in the future, it will be provided immediately.”

“Do you need to tell me that? It’s not that I am a vicious aunt and treat her badly.” Zhou Yan glared at Gu Guofeng: “Okay, let’s go to bed now, it’s not early anymore. Don’t you have some business tomorrow?”

Everyone in the Gu family are sleeping quietly in the villa, only the lamp in Su Cheng’s room was still on.

At this time, Su Cheng was reading the exercise book she brought back from school during the day. The girl’s side profile looked calm and focused below the light, as if she doesn’t needs sleep.

Today’s entrance test made Su Cheng to recognize a fact: her grades were really bad.

In her last life Su Cheng was struck by the death of his stepfather, and she had never overcome that trauma, so she had no intention of learning at all. In addition, Su Cheng was in a bad situation by being bullied in school.

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