IJWLHGRAR Chapter 2.3

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When Su Cheng left the Gu Family, she didn’t graduated yet. It was only after being exposed to the society that she realized, without knowledge and diploma, she will not get a decent job.

After a few years of being in such situations, Su Cheng couldn’t take it anymore and died.

In the last few years of her life, she can only remember that she had been doing various job, while, drifting from place to place just to earn money. She didn’t even have enough rest, so how can she read some book in order to gain knowledge?

Her current education level is even worse when she was admitted in her last life. At least she passed all the three subject in her previous life, but in this life her scores were: Chinese 43, Mathematics 29. And the English teacher pitied her, so, in the end she gave her a score barely passable of 60.

Only after having experienced hardship that she came to know the importance of diplomas and qualifications. She needs to get a good university diploma in order to find a decent job and have a decent income. In this way, Su Cheng will no longer has to receive help from the Gu family when she will start to earn her own money.

Su Cheng didn’t want to experience again the needles penetrating her blood vessels[1],the surroundings becoming suffocating, dark and cold, the feeling of trance, convulsions, nausea and itching going on whole over her body.  ,

Therefore the first goal Su Cheng set for herself in this life is to study hard.

—— After having a hard time to finish several exercises, Su Cheng took the answers sheets for comparison.

The situation is even worse than she expected-! Out of the100-point exercises she got: Physics 30, Chemistry 32, Biology 55, and the other three liberal arts are just barely passable.

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Su Cheng already experienced the worst thing in her life, so she was not discouraged by the amount of wrong answers. She cheered up herself and took note of her wrong answer.

Looking at the time, it was almost 2 o’clock. Su Cheng put away the exercise book and stretched out to go to bed.

She can’t lose any weight anymore. She needs enough rest and fatten herself. She understood this more than anything after having experienced many hardship in her last life.

Before going to bed, Su Cheng poured herself a glass of water. At this time, a she noticed some movements happening outside the window.

Mrs. Gu is allergic to animal hair, so there were no cats and dogs inside the Maple Garden.

Perhaps, there is a thief?!

Su Cheng was alarmed. She took the largest hanger from the closet, hugged it in her arms and walked carefully near the window.

Through the curtains, Su Cheng did not find any unusual or suspicious figures.

Su Cheng thought: Is it Gu Cheng over there?

Her room is right next to Gu Cheng’s, and the terrace outside are connected toto both rooms.

Su Cheng held the French window handle and she was hesitating whether to lock it when–! A huge force pulled the window open from the outside, and Su Cheng fell due to inertia.

Su Cheng:–!

A black shadow flashed in front of him, and Su Cheng was too late to exclaim. There was a pain in his wrist, and the whole person was dragged up by the arm.

“Gu Cheng!” Su Cheng finally saw the visitor, his face shocked.

Usually, Gu Cheng always looks like a noble son. At this moment, this person is dressed in black. Dressed same as a socially undesirable youth, with fierce eyes and a strong smell of alcohol on his body.

Su Cheng was so startled by Gu Cheng.

“What are you doing?” The hoarse and harsh voice came out of the boy’s mouth.

“What can I do, close the window and sleep! Let go”

Gu Cheng was non-committal about Su Cheng’s remarks, and pulled Su Cheng to the edge of the window sill railing.

Su Cheng’s face paled: “You are sick, let me go!”

“Are you afraid?” Gu Cheng looked down at Su Cheng, and with a little effort, he could throw her down, as long as he wanted anything No one would know that he threw Su Cheng down.

“You better forget about the things tonight, otherwise I will let you experience something more terrifying.” Gu Cheng released his hand, threw Su Cheng away, and turned back into his room. In the process, he shook his hand in disgust as if he had touched something dirty.

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[1] This is a description of a person continually donates blood even though her cells still didn’t yet regenerate just for the sake of money.

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