IJWLHGRAR Chapter 3.3

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The adviser’s arrangement caused her a little bit restless.

“The adviser actually asked her to sit next to Gu Cheng!”

“Why is she so lucky?”

“I’m so envious of her. I want to sit at the same table with Gu Cheng.”

At this moment, Su Cheng suddenly said, “Teacher, my eyesight is not very good. Can you please give me a seat in a table in front?”

Gu Cheng’s table is in the last row of the fourth column.

Having a poor eyesight is just an excuse made by Su Cheng, she just didn’t like to seat beside Gu Cheng.

As soon as Su Cheng said this, the expression of each students in class became even more unpredictable.

NANI[1]?! Su Cheng actually refused?

There are many people in the class who wants to sit at the same table with Gu Cheng. Yet, no one was willing to sit with him in order to avoid bothering Gu Shao.

Some of the girls felt that Su Cheng did not understood the privileged of sitting beside Gu Cheng, but at least they were lucky, everyone now has the chance of sitting next to Gu Cheng.

“Teacher, it’s better to let the new classmate sit with me.” At this moment, a clear and somewhat magnetic voice spoke.

The speaker is Qi Yixuan.

Qi Yixuan: “I am sitting in the middle of the class. It is in the fourth row, well-lit and wide-open. It is just right.”

Class teacher: “But you already have a seatmate…”

Qi Yixuan: “Chen Feihua said he wanted to sit by the window to facilitate heat dissipation[2]” These words caused a burst of laughter in the whole class.

Class teacher: “Chen Feihua, is this the case?”

Chen Feifei, an innocent guy: ಠ▃ಠ

It is a pity that Chen Feihua didn’t dare to refute what Qi Shao said, so he nodded unwillingly, “Yes, teacher, I have a good physique. Sitting by the window will help me so much.”

Class teacher: “Alright, Chen Feihua sits over to Gu Cheng, Su Cheng, you sit in the original position of Chen Feihua.”

Su Cheng once again felt the enviable gaze from all directions in the class.

“Does this Su Cheng come here with a good luck? If you don’t sit with Gu Cheng, you can sit with Qi Yixuan!”

“If I knew that Shao Qi didn’t want to sit with the fat man Chen Feihua , I would have volunteered earlier…” Someone said disappointedly.

Gu Cheng and Qi Yixuan are both influential figures in the school. If you talk about who to choose to sit with, people might be more inclined to Qi Yixuan.

Gu Cheng is too cold, he is the kind of existence that can only be appreciate in a distance. While, Qi Yixuan’s Personality is just the opposite. If someone sits with Gu Cheng, one needs to resist the violent storm and snow[3], on the other hand sitting with Qi Yixuan is like a spring breeze.[4]

[Are you sick? ]

Qi Yixuan received a message from Gu Cheng on his cell phone.

[Qi Yixuan: I’m not sick. I’m just helping you, don’t you hate her? You see… I was just sacrificing myself. Otherwise I would’ve let you, Lao Wang[5], sit together with your most hated, Su Cheng.] After sending a message, Qi Yixuan smiled, muted the phone and threw it back into his drawer[6].

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“Okay everyone, be quiet. Her seat will be in this row first. If you have any questions, you can talk to me in private.”

“It’s almost the exam but you still can’t calm down.” The class teacher criticized. “Exam is scheduled for the next week. Among the three hundred sixty-five days of the year, you only need these three days! You have to seize this time! Last semester, B class almost took over our class. If your average score will be below them, it will be really a shame to call you the star section.”

Teacher subconsciously glanced at Su Cheng, he was worried: This student couldn’t even get a passing score. This time he didn’t know how many points she would drag their class down.

“Su Cheng, you go to your seat.”

Over there, Chen Feihua had already packed up his own things. Su Cheng reluctantly walked towards Qi Yixuan and sat down next to him. As she was walking, the cold eyes of the whole class were on her.

“New classmate, let me introduce myself. My name is Qi Yixuan.”


Su Cheng ignored the other party.

Because of his relationship with Gu Cheng, Su Cheng also has no good impressions with Qi Yixuan.

Any kind of gentleness and friendliness he is showing are fake, and which among those people, who can befriend someone like Gu Cheng, ordinary?

If Gu Cheng is a fierce tiger, then Qi Yixuan is a jackal: on the surface it is harmless to humans and animals, but the level of fear inside is comparable to Gu Cheng.

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[1] Japanese famous expression that means ‘Why?’

[2] Fart

[3] Metaphor referring that a person is not approachable and difficult to talk with because of his aura

[4] Easy to talk with and approachable

[5] King/Majesty

[6] It is not a drawer that you need to pull, but the one open like those seen in animes.

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