IJWLHGRAR Chapter 4.1

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The reason why Qi Yixuan intended to let Su Cheng sit beside him, was only for temporary intention in order to satisfy his curiosity. He wanted to find which part of her was so annoying that it even made Gu Cheng disgusted so much.

Seeing Su Cheng ignoring him, Qi Yixuan would not do anything to bother other people. He smiled indifferently and withdrew his gaze without embarrassment. At the same time, he said in his heart: This Su Cheng seems to be boring. It seems that I will be changing my seatmate any time soon.

Qi Yixuan’s sight was once again attracted when Su Cheng took out the math textbook.  The whole book is densely packed with colorful sticky notes which has traces of strokes. Seeing this sight, it can hurt someone’s eye when looking at it.

These are notes that Su Cheng did after getting the textbook yesterday. She had written all the key points she thought of. Her basic knowledge is really bad Su Cheng has even forgotten the key points she had learned in the first year of high school! Therefore, Su Cheng started from the basic and slowly learn the high school topic. The knowledge points are the same, they can be mastered bit by bit.

The first class is mathematics. The teacher wrote a few questions on the blackboard: “These are the key points I talked about in class yesterday. You should do it first.”

Su Cheng took out the exercise book and carefully read the blackboard and copied the three questions.

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Su Cheng’s hand stopped after she wrote the first “solution”: This question…where do I need to start? What formula should I use? Her mind is completely blank out and she has no way to start solving the following questions.

Very reluctant, Su Cheng opened the textbook and found a similar content. She reluctantly copied down a few formulas that can be used, and then put it into the solution…

Yet, she was still unable to calculate it.

The math teacher’s voice sounded again: “Okay, I think everyone in the class has pretty much finished answering, then we should start to talk about the problems.” When the math teacher said this, Su Cheng’s pen was stuck on the second problem’s “Solution” word.

“Let’s first talk about the first question. This question is a basic variable relationship question. I will write down the answers directly. No one should have made a mistake. Without further ado, I will talk about the second question.”

Su Cheng: I…

Su Cheng looked at the answer given by the teacher on the blackboard, and then at the answer she had barely made up. It was very different.

On the blackboard, the math teacher was already explaining the steps in order to solve the second problem.

Su Cheng was still preoccupied about what wrong could she have possibly done on her solution for the 1st problem, nevertheless she still carefully copied the problem-solving steps written by the teacher on her sticky notes and carefully posted it to the corresponding chapter of the textbook. After that, Su Cheng did not pursue her wrong answer and she directly written it on her “Answered this question wrong” notebook.

Su Cheng’s series of operations can be seen by Qi Yixuan, he was speechless for a while. He dares to bet: Su Cheng still didn’t know how to solve the questions on the blackboard, otherwise, why would she need to copy word by word and look at the blackboard?

What Su Cheng doing right now, copying the board and fill the entire notebook of notes, is definitely the stupid learning method Qi Yixuan has ever seen.

As the lesson goes by, Su Cheng feels disoriented. Even if she didn’t understood the lesson, she still insisted on listening to the teacher.

Someone walked to Su Cheng’s desk during class.

“New classmate, is your name Su Cheng?” Su Cheng nodded.

The student said again: “Okay, so the right to use the school activity room this semester belongs to our class. We usually organize an after-school badminton activity. Do you want to participate together with us?”

“No,” Su Cheng shook her head: “I can’t play badminton.”

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