IJWLHGRAR Chapter 4.2

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Although, not everyone participated in her bullying incident in the past life, but because she has those memories Su Cheng couldn’t bear to play with them with good feelings and sincerity. It was not that she had never tried to integrate with this class and get along well with her classmates before. But in the end, because of Gu Cheng’s words, she was still isolated by everyone.

Also, Su Cheng does not intend to waste time on this, on her present life: Why should I play badminton if I can memorize one more ancient text?

Liu Li didn’t believe that Su Cheng can’t play badminton, she only thought that this new classmate is not very friendly.

If you don’t want to participate, don’t participate, why say you can’t play? And who will believe it, anyway?

Liu Li returned to her seat and complained a unhappily to her tablemate: “This newcomer, Su Cheng is too indifferent.”

“Well, I also feel that she doesn’t seem to be easy to get along with.”

“Look! Ever since she entered this classroom, she has been sitting in her seat and heads down to the textbooks. She didn’t even bothered to say a word or pay attention to others. She is like a boring gourd, staying still and no intention to get by.”

“Isn’t it a bit silly to spend time reading?”

“Anyway, I don’t like this newcomer.”

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Ignoring everyone’s discussion, Su Cheng circled the key points that the teacher said in the class just now. From the book to its chapter and to its pages. She highlighted the key points.

At this time, the whole class became suddenly agitated.

Su Cheng didn’t bothered looking up, but she still listened to the people around her saying: “Oh, the school flower is here, is she coming to Gu Cheng?”

“Isn’t it obvious? If the school flower didn’t come to Gu Cheng, could she bother come to you?”

Meanwhile, a soft, weak, sweet and clear voice sounded: “Our next class is history. I forgot to bring a history book. Does your class have a history class today? Can anyone of you lent me a history book?” This is Li Yan Ran’s voice.

In her last life, the rumor about her shamelessly seducing Gu Cheng was already broadcasted in the whole school. Among Gu Cheng’s admirers, it seemed that only Li Yanran treated Su Cheng the same way she treats ordinary classmates. Even when Li Yanran was a guest at Gu’s home, she took the initiative to pull Su Cheng’s arm and said a few words.

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“School flower, I have a history book here! You can borrow mine, write and paint whatever you want to do!”

“Li Ye, Gu Cheng didn’t say anything, you came to find a sense of existence, you want to borrow it is also Gu Cheng borrowing.”

“Haha, yes yes Yes, you can ask Gu Cheng for the school flower!”

“You talk nonsense again, I’m angry.” Li Yanran looked angrily at a few yelling boys.

In the end, Li Yanran borrowed a history book from a classmate sitting in the front row of Gu Cheng’s table. She glanced at Gu Cheng and shily said: “Gu Cheng, thank you for sending me last Saturday.” As soon as those words came out, the people in the class were noisy again:

“Wow, there is a story!”

“A juicy story indeed, hehe.”

Li Yanran blushed and ran out from Class A classroom. Along the way she met An Yuqi narrowly at the door of the classroom.

“Shameless.” An Yuqi glared at Li Yanran and cursed coldly.

Li Yanran walked past An Yuqi calmly as if she hadn’t heard half of it.

Behind her, An Yuqi cursed her again with dissatisfaction: “Green tea bitch!”

An Yuqi stopped Su Cheng who was about to go to the toilet: “Hey, schoolmate from class A, help me give this to your classmate Gu Cheng.”

Su Cheng glanced at the thing An Yuqisai came over, visually it was a pair of sneakers, and the box contains a global limited with “7”.[1]

Su Cheng: “I don’t know.”

After finishing speaking, Su Cheng bypassed An Yuqi just like what Li Yanran did just now.

Notes:[1] Nike

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