IJWLHGRAR Chapter 4.3

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In her last life, how many times did this An Yuqi scolded her publicly in the forum? How many times she was blocked by her with someone at school? And how may time she was overturned in the school’s cafeteria? Su Cheng couldn’t even count how many dishes were splashed in her uniform anymore.

During those years of facing the society alone, Su Cheng, already saw even more terrifying and cruel things. Seeing An Yuqi again, Su Cheng no longer possess the fear she originally had.

“Who are you lying to?!” Someone in the school doesn’t know Gu Cheng? Is that a joke? 

“Hey! You stop!”

“Sister An. Sister An.” At this moment, two other people from Class A came over: “That person is called Su Cheng. She just transferred today. Also, people don’t necessarily know who is Gu Cheng.”

“Well, even if you didn’t say it earlier, the matter is already over. Now, this, you go and give it to Gu Cheng.”

“Fck, limited edition, only 10 pairs in Asia, Sister An is awesome! But Sister An, why you let me be the one to give him?” The man was a bit embarrassed.

When did An Yuqi send something to Gu Cheng that was not thrown directly by herself?

“If I want you to give him on my behalf, it’s because I want to. What’s the matter?” When the noisy person at the door left, Qi Yixuan walked over with a stack of practice test papers from the side, and smiled.

Don’t know Gu Cheng? Haha, this Su Cheng is slowly becoming interesting.

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——On the first day of class, Su Cheng finally spent her time in a state of confusion and stumbling.

This is often the case for high school studies. Missing a little bit seems like a big rift in front of you. If you can’t keep up with it, it may be difficult to get up and study hard.

But for Su Cheng is an entirely different matter. She had experienced real despair. At present, this difficulty was nothing to her.

After returning to Gu’s house, Su Cheng seized the opportunity to start learning.

According to the study plan, Su Cheng first silently wrote the words she memorized last night, out of 30 words, 27 were correct.

Su Cheng eliminated the clearly memorized words, and recorded the remaining words in her two notebooks marked as “unremembered” and “wrong”.

Afterwards, Su Cheng started memorizing today’s 30 words for another hour and copied an English composition.

On Chinese language time, Su Cheng silently copied an essay and then read to comprehend the article.

After all, this is her mother tongue, and Su Cheng’s language foundation is not that bad. But, she has already forgotten a lot of the texts and poems that she has memorized before.

Su Cheng allocated all the remaining time to mathematics.

Su Cheng first took out a “set and basic function” test questions and did it again.

Yesterday, Su Cheng was surprised to find that she could only get 29 points on this test question. After self-studying this piece of content, she could get 79 points already for a test with similar difficulty.

Su Cheng was immediately brimming of confidence. Although, this is only a small piece of knowledge, as long as she breaks all of these key points, she will definitely pass the final exam, maybe she can score even higher!

With such motivation, Su Cheng instantly felt like she had drunk chicken blood[1]. After reviewing yesterday’s key points, checking the part she didn’t understood, and then starting to learn the content of the next chapter.

Similarly, like earlier, she took a test and then self-study again.

After completing today’s learning content, Su Cheng rubbed her somewhat sore eyes and looked at the time: 00:13.

At this time, the two apps added on Su Cheng’s phone were also downloaded.

However, it was already too late, so Su Cheng did not click any of the two newly downloaded apps.

Before going to bed, Su Cheng walked cautiously to the window and confirmed again that the window had been locked very carefully before going to sleep with ease.

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[1] Metaphor referring to something that boost energy suddenly.

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