IJWLHGRAR chapter 5.1

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Su Cheng told Mrs. Gu that she hadn’t brought here some things from her previous home and wanted to go back there in order to pick it them up, this weekends. Mrs. Gu agreed without hesitation.

After two hours of drive, Su Cheng arrived at the place where she had lived for the past 16 years: Pingde.

Getting off the bus, Su Cheng did not return to her previous home, but went directly to the county hospital.

—— In a multi-person ward of the county hospital. Su Cheng was relieved to see a figure lying on the bed in the quiet corner of the ward.

At this time, the silent and bloodless young man on the hospital bed was not a stranger, but he was the son of Su Cheng’s step-father, Ye An, who died two weeks ago.

Everyone thought that Ye Fan had suffered an accident, but they didn’t know that Ye Fan did not die or was taken away by Ye An’s enemies, but was sent to a small county hospital by Su Cheng.

”Are you the little girl from that day?” The doctor walked over. He remembered this little girl. This girl sent the boy on the bed over l, in this hospital, half-month ago. He was also the doctor that handled the injuries on the girl’s face and arms.

”You are here, and if you didn’t comeback, we were ready to call the police.”

The day the boy was sent in the hospital, he was in a very dangerous condition.
The hospital immediately took him in the Emergency Room and as a result, the patient’s condition just stabilized but they couldn’t find the little girl who sent him.

They did not find anything that could prove his identity or some contact information of his family from that boy.

”Sorry, I was delayed because of something last week.” After sending Ye Fan to hospital that day, Su Cheng was quickly found by the police and they took her for questioning. After that, Su Cheng was admitted to the hospital in order to recuperate under the arrangement of the police, and then she was taken to the Gu’s house.

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”Doctor, my brother… how is his condition?” Su Cheng tightly held the bag in her hand and asked the doctor.

Even if she already knew the result, Su Cheng couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of hope in her heart.

Hearing this, the doctor’s expression became a little deep, and he said straightforwardly: “The patient is out of danger, but it is difficult to say whether he can wake up.”

”Is that your brother?” The doctor asked again.

Su Cheng nodded.

Doctor: “Where is your parents?”

Just like when the doctor asked her that day, Su Cheng just shook her head and said nothing.

Upon seeing this, the doctor frowned slightly, hesitated for a moment, and said: “Your brother’s situation is not optimistic.”

”Let me tell you this, vegetative, do you understand the word?”

”I understand.” Su Cheng nodded hard.

In addition to retaining a little instinctive neural reflex and metabolic functions, vegetatives are completely unconscious.

Doctor: “Your brother’s situation is likely to be like this, and now his nerves are very weak in response to external stimuli, and his basic physiological functions are completely maintained by the instruments. The chance of waking up is very small…”

”I know.” Su Cheng interrupted the doctor.

How could she not know that the chance of Ye Fan waking up is very small. In her last life, Ye Fan did not wake up until Su Cheng died.

”I won’t give up.” Su Cheng raised her head and said to the doctor, with firmness in her smart eyes.

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