IJWLHGRAR Chapter 5.2

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She never thought about letting him go and abandon him in her last life, she was even more unwilling to do so in this life. This time, she will work hard to make a lot of money, send Ye Fan to a better medical institution in order to receive better treatment, and maybe he will wake up.

The doctor sighed softly:

”Okay , it’s up to your family’s wishes. In that case, you can go to the next floor with me. Did you bring your brother’s ID card? If you did bring it, you can go to the cashier, turn it overand pay the expenses.” the doctor said.

”Doctor, I came here today to pick up my brother.” Ye Fan’s identity information is needed for admission. And at the same time, the hospitalization information will also be uploaded. Su Cheng dare not expose his information.

The doctor looked at Su Cheng and nodded: “Okay, you go to the cashier in order to settle it.”

After leaving this town hospital, Su Cheng travelled together with Ye Fan to the capital and send the patient to a secret private hospital.

In her previous life, Su Cheng went through several twists and turns, walked many detours, and spent a lot of money to find such a hospital.

The facilities here are complete and the medical level is pretty good. The most important thing is that the hospital keeps the personal information and privacy of patients completely confidential.

The only drawback is that it burns money.

Even so, Su Cheng didn’t care, she only wanted Ye Fan to be well and awake soon.

With the experience of her previous life, everything went well this time.

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In the single ward, the nurse came in and wanted to ask about arranging a caregiver for the patient, but she was surprised by what she saw.
Next to the bed, a young girl was proficiently wiping the patient on the bed. She was like a professional caregiver, as if she had been doing this for a long time.

After wiping Ye Fan, Su Cheng put on a clean pajamas for him.

”Could you please help me?”

”Oh, okay.” The nurse held Ye Fan’s upper body for Su Cheng so that Su Cheng could put on his clothes.

”That…” Does your family still need a caregiver?

”Please help me arrange an ordinary nursing for a while.” A senior nurse is more expensive than medical expenses, and she can’t afford it.

”I will come over here to clean and massage him every weekend. Can you ask the nurse to pay more attention to my brother?”

Su Cheng’s voice is crisp and beautiful, and her mouth is sweet. The nurse happily complied with her request. She came down, and helped Su Cheng find one of the most practical nurses in their hospital.

Mrs Gu said that she will need to be home by 7:00, Su Cheng can not stay here after that.

Before leaving, Su Cheng rubbed Ye Fan’s shoulder and made a dull voice: “Someone is bullying your sister, won’t you get up and fight for me?”

There was still no response from Ye Fan.

”I beg you, please wake up earlier in this life?”

Su Cheng left and went to the front desk of the hospital in order to pay Ye Fan’s medical expenses in advance.

Under the surprised gaze of the doctor in the charge, Su Cheng spent two years of expenses this time.

The medical expenses plus the nursing fee are 30,000 yuan a month and 720,000 yuan in two years.

The money came from the stepfather’s card.

——Ye An is just an ordinary anti-drug team leader, and his salary is only about 700,000 to 800,000 after saving up for decades.
Before, the stepfather always joked that he should try harder to save more money.

This was her dowry and Ye Fan’s alimony for marrying his wife.

After swiping the card, Su Cheng was on the way back to the Gu’s, holding the bank card of 6,300 yuan remaining in her hand, she feels quite melancholy: Even if the money was enough for some better nursing supplies, is still a small sum let alone cure Ye Fan.

She has to find a way to make more money.

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