IJWLHGRAR Chapter 6.1

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Gu Guofeng was rarely at home, so when he found some free time, he talked about Ye An’s affair with Su Cheng.

“Your father’s autopsy result has come out. It was confirmed that he died directly in the car accident. The police are currently investigating other things. Don’t worry, the truth should be found out soon.”

Su Cheng nodded, but there was no hope in her eyes—— The stepfather’s accident was not just as simple as the enemy’s seeking revenge. In the end, Su Cheng didn’t know whether the truth had been found out after her death, at least before her death this was an unresolved case.

Seeing that Su Cheng was bored, Gu Guofeng stopped talking and think, and then asked: “Is the money left for you enough?”

Su Cheng felt a bit distressed thinking about the 6000 yuan left in the card.


“That’s good . If you don’t have enough money, you can ask from us.” Gu Guofeng said again and resumed talking about the previous topic: “The evidence collection has been completed over there. Other than necessary things to be done at the crime scene, everything has been processing well. “

“Uncle Gu has a suggestion here that you can consider. Just leave some meaningful things to keep from your family’s relics. The car at the scene is seriously damaged, so it doesn’t make sense to bring it back. Uncle can find someone to sell it for you in the dumpsters. In addition, your old house in Pingde can also be sold.”

Gu Guofeng is a businessman who is used to thinking about issues in the most reasonable direction while maximizing benefits.

Realizing those things that are no longer needed this is indeed the best choice.

Moreover, Su Cheng refused the pocket money given by Zhou Yan, and also refused to tell mother Wu what she needed.

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How could a child at this age not need money to spend?

Gu Guofeng thought to himself: It’s not bad to give Su Cheng some money in this way. 

Su Cheng carefully considered Gu Guofeng’s suggestion: The can be sold, but the house cannot. After selling the house, what if Ye Fan wakes up and has no place to live? 

Seeing that Su Cheng was unwilling to sell the house, Gu Guofeng did not persuade her anymore.

Gu Guofeng: “Is your study at school going well?”

Su Cheng: “Very good.”

Gu Guofeng: “That’s good. You must study with ease, don’t think too much.”

Su Cheng: “Yeah.”

“Uncle Gu, I’m going back to my room in order to read a book.”


Although, he heard from his wife say that Su Cheng’s entrance test results were bad, Gu Guofeng was very pleased to see Su Cheng working so hard.

“If you have any difficulties at learning, you can talk to Gu Cheng and let him help you.”

Gu Guofeng’s words made Su Cheng almost staggered while going up on the stairs.

It was already good if Gu Cheng doesn’t deliberately tell her the wrong answer, and now hoped that Gu Cheng would help her in her study?

“I see, thank you Uncle Gu.” Su Cheng nodded reluctantly.

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