IJWLHGRAR Chapter 6.2

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Back to the room.

Su Cheng’s heart was heavy. In order to know how much she can remember, she tried to test herself with the English words she started to memorizing this whole week, all in all they were about 150 words. In the self-testing she made, Su Cheng misspelled 6, forgot 12, removing those she just randomly got correct Su Cheng can remember only 109 words accurately and clearly. This means her brain’s capability to memorize is not strong.

This result made Su Cheng somewhat disappointed, some of the words she had remembered before, a week passed by and she completely forgotten about them. Her memory regarding to some words were also vague.

However, Su Cheng was not discouraged with such bad results. After adding a few more words to her wrong question notebook, Su Cheng continued to complete today’s 30-words task.

After memorizing the words, Su Cheng silently wrote some basic English grammar from internet again.

This were the most complete basic grammar summary that Su Cheng can find on the Internet.

As long as there is extra time, Su Cheng will silently write these basic grammars in her notebook, and then she will try to use the sentence format to make some grammatical sentences with the newly memorized words.

Anyway, these are only some of the basic grammars, and if one memorize it a lot, it will become deeply integrated in the mind.

One hour of English learning is completed, followed by one hour of Chinese and two hours of mathematics.

Since Su Cheng started learning from the basic, there is not much change in her study pace for these two courses for the time being, but such a substantial state of studying gave Su Cheng a sense of peace of mind.

After completing today’s learning tasks, Su Cheng opened the two previously downloaded APP in her phone, one is a live broadcasting app, the other is is a somewhat popular game recently.

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Clicking into the game interface, Su Cheng skillfully completed the newcomer registration.

She can play this game because of her classmates.

This game became popular six months ago, and now almost everyone in the school is playing it.

In her last life, in order to integrate herself within the class, have a common topic with everyone, and to find something in common between herself and Gu Cheng, Su Cheng secretly downloaded this game and hid in her room every day to practice.

When Su Cheng was considered invisible in school, she regarded this game as the last straw that will help her regain some visibility among her schoolmates. She practiced almost day and night and look through various videos and materials.

It’s a pity that when Su Cheng finally survived all the novice periods of being scolded and cursed, it became completely useless as her skill were considered good.

——At that time, Su Cheng had already become a shameless scheming girl in the eyes of everyone in the whole school. Who would play games with a stranger who has rumors flying all over the school, was hated by Gu Cheng and excluded by everyone?

In this life, however, Su Cheng opened this game again with different purpose. It was no longer to get along with other or to please Gu Cheng, she wanted to make money through this game.

In Su Cheng’s previous life, the live broadcast industry became more and more popular in the next few years, and several popular game anchors have emerged from this trend.

Su Cheng is not sure if she can become one of these people, but she has to try everything she can in order to have money.

Su Cheng registered an account named [Big Orange] on the live broadcast platform and started her first live broadcast.

The situation at the beginning of the live broadcast was similar to what Su Cheng already expected: there was no audience in the live broadcast room, and even if someone came in occasionally, they would leave immediately.

Fortunately, game live broadcast is not like other broadcast. You don’t need to insist on playing the game when no one is watching. Put the game live and play it.

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