IJWLHGRAR Chapter 6.3

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Upon entering the game, Su Cheng devoted all of her attention into it.

When Su Cheng didn’t payed any attention to her livestream, few people gradually came inside the live broadcasting room.

[New anchor? Let’s check it out. ] [There are other two people in the live broadcast room? Friends upstairs, let’s talk!] [Are you sure this is really a game anchor? It dared to start a live broadcast as a bronze ranker. This is the first time I saw a bronze anchor. ] [Haha, this kind of low-end game, operating garbage, and pits everywhere, what’s so good about this actually?] [Is the threshold for live streaming so low? Now anyone dares to open a live broadcast. ] [Is the threshold for game anchors so low? A bronze dare to watch the live broadcast. 】

【I guess that the host’s had only been playing for at least 5 minutes. ]

A few people watched Su Cheng choose a hero.

[Daji[1] is chosen by the anchor? Damn! It’s even more boring now, that makes me want to leave right away. 】

【Is the anchor a primary school student? 】

【It is estimated that this is the first time a girl hero is played in the game. Generally, only girls like this as their chosen hero. But this is just one of those the inoperable hero.] [Yes, my girlfriend always choose the hero Daji, because its characters looks good and I can’t even complain.】

【Watching this live broadcast feels like I forgot that someone fooled me, haha. ]

…… The game begins.

Everyone was talking about it, but it turned out that the anchor played Daji very well.

【What? Is this an illusion, why do I feel that the anchor is quite skilled in operating Daji?] [I second! I also think the anchor operation is very good, much better than when I played it for the first time. 】

【I think at the beginning, I didn’t know what to do when I started playing this. 】

【Who did not play this well in the beginning? ] [Brother upstairs, didn’t you just slip away? Why are you still here? 】

【I also want to know why I am still here. I am a king. Who would actually know that I will watch this kind of low-end live broadcast, and I still think it’s a bit nice? ]

~~~You are reading this at clairyclairetranslation.wordpress.com~~~

The game’s hero operational are low even so, Su Cheng playing it makes it seems that the hero is skillful, without any mistakes, making people gives a look of amazement towards the anchor.

After Su Cheng’s wave of attacks, made the few people in the live broadcast room dumbfounded.

[Fuck! This wave the anchors did is too freaking terrible. 】

【This is the first time I saw someone operating a garbage hero like this! 】

【This is a textbook level. 】

【Why do I feel refreshed? 】

【Compared with the anchor, I feel like a fool at the beginning. ] [Me too. 】

【Should the anchor be a certain god, open an dummy account and deliberately played from bronze tier?】

【What is the profile? ] [What is the anchor’s profile? Even if you start from the beginning, you probably won’t choose Daji. 】

Most of the people watching the live broadcast are feeling like they are watching the operations of some great god operating this kind of low-operability junk hero, and few people with junk skills will probably click in to watch it.

[Anyway, as far as I know, none of the great gods started by choosing Daji. ] [I won’t change my main hero because I can’t play as slippery as the anchor, hahaha. 】

…..With the popularity, some audiences soon entered the live broadcast room.

At the end of the game, Su Cheng found that there were already a dozen people in her live broadcast room.

[Come on, the anchor please start another round!】

【This is the first time I saw such a cool low-end game, hurry up, I want to watch another game. ]

When someone left the message, Su Cheng saw that it was still early, so she started another round.

Downstairs, Zhou Yan jus came back from a party with Gu Guofeng and now they are sitting in the living room. The two people were talking about Su Cheng.

“I think this child Su Cheng studies very hard. It may be because of Brother Ye’s affairs that she has fallen behind in her studies. Look or ask a tutor for her.” Gu Guofeng said to Zhou Yan.

“It depends on whether she is willing to have a tutor.” Zhou Yan frowned, hesitated for a moment, and nodded: “Okay, I will inquire when I have a free time.”

Even if at first she disapproved of her husband taking other family’s child and live in their own home, but after a few days of getting along with each other, Mrs. Gu is not disgusted with this quiet girl.

When it comes to tutoring, their family’s child, Gu Cheng, does not need tutoring, so in this area, Mrs. Gu doesn’t know much about it.

Unused to hear the words “Su Cheng” between their conversation, Gu Cheng simply got up and went upstairs. When he passed by the door of Su Cheng’s room, Gu Cheng paused when he heard the familiar soundtrack coming from the room.

——This is the so-called effort Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu were talking about?

“Such a faker!” Gu Cheng sneered, and his eyes showed sarcasm.

Foot notes:

[1] A female hero everyone despise when chosen.

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