IJWLHGRAR Chapter 7.1

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During the mathematics class, Su Cheng still couldn’t totally understand what the teacher is explaining on the board, however, after mastering the basic knowledge of the previous chapters, there are at least some formulas and parts of the problem-solving steps used by the teacher on the question that can be understood by Su Cheng.

Even with this slight progress made Su Cheng very happy.

On the podium, while the mathematics teacher was talking about the problem, notice that the newly transferred student was smirking below.

During my class, there is a student daring to be so hippie and smiling!

The mathematics teacher’s face sank and was about to call out Su Cheng’s name, only to catch a glimpse of Su Cheng’s problem-solving notebooks, they were densely packed with more solutions and explanations than his own blackboard.

“Knowledge points should be studied and use. If you don’t understand some parts, you can ask me about it any time.” What the math teacher just said was aimed at Su Cheng.

With Su Cheng’s current level of knowledge, she did not dare to ask the teacher to ask questions, she was afraid of angering the other party to death.

After the math class there was a 15 minutes break time. The class was noisy, there are some people group around excitedly talking about incomprehensible topics.

Su Cheng didn’t care about it.

In between classes there is always a 15 minute break. Su Cheng uses this time to solve some questions. At her current speed, it is still possible to do one or two questions during this period of break.

Su Cheng pulled out a test paper from her schoolbag, found two big questions from it and started solving it.

Through the self-study she did a few days ago, Su Cheng found that she seems to have difficulties learning the knowledge points by relying on reading and memorizations. On the other hand, she could easily memorize the content of those formulas and find out the answers by herself by constantly studying the questions on how to apply those formula.

Therefore, Su Cheng has fallen in love with math topic these days.

She currently has learned about less than 20% of knowledge content she needs to master.

The recent papers and monthly examination papers issued by the school is already answered by Su Cheng, so for the time being, she only answered the questions she has just learned.

The school has always given to the student some exercise books and test papers, these were given in order to let them practice. In addition, the texts books has also practice problem at the end of each chapter. It is just that Su Cheng has been solving a lot of questions every day and gradually, the test papers issued by the school were not enough for her.

Therefore, Su Cheng gritted her teeth and bought seven or eight sets of test papers online, all of them were available from different various publishing houses.

What Su Cheng’s answering now are from the Su Jiao edition.

In the classroom.

There were a few girls talking about Suu Chen and the topic itself did not care much about them.

“Look, she is solving problems again.”

“kekeke, how can she always answers those problems? Why does she needs to answer so many test paper everyday?”

“Imperial Scholar, please let us learn this crisp feelings from you then, Ah.”[1] Although the girl said so, her tone was a bit of sarcastic.

“This girl doesn’t seem to be a genius, maybe it’s just a silly learning?”

“Haha, it’s possible.”

“Either way, should you ask her to come to the party?”

“Go for it, the whole class will go anyway.”

“Zhang Lingling, You suggested it, then you go and ask her, we are embarrassed to disturb her.”

“I’ll go, why should I be embarrassed? Anyway, I can also take a glance at Qi Yixuan’s handsome face.” Zhang Lingling said while, Su Cheng walked over.

Su Cheng was holding the pen tightly, trying to recall the knowledge points learned in the past few days:

This place should be substituted into the formula, which is the formula. That, that… That’s right, it’s that! 

Su Cheng’s mind flashed, and the formula was ready to come out from her brain.


[1] I don’t know mush about metaphors and idiom but I think this mean that “If you are so studious, please let us bow before you and call you teacher” The concept is like that.

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