IJWLHGRAR Chapter 7.2

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Zhang Lingling’s voice interrupted Su Cheng’s thoughts: “Student Su Cheng, this holiday our class Gu Cheng and their team won the first prize in the science and technology competition. Everyone is going tomorrow night to throw a celebration for Gu Cheng’s and the others victory. Do you want to come with us?”

Zhang Lingling’s words changed Su Cheng’s expression slightly.

No one invited her over in her previous life to this celebration. At that time, Su Cheng went together with Gu Cheng. The said meeting place was similar to a nightclub.

The dinner party was completely different then what Su Cheng thought of. At the party, Su Cheng had been following Gu Cheng timidly, however Gu Cheng obviously did not want her to follow.

Later, someone suggested to play a game, and Su Cheng was pulled in.

The game is to turn the bottle, and whoever stops the bottle points at, they will accept the punishment. The punishment was to drink a chosen beverage.

Su Cheng didn’t know why the bottle always point and worst she didn’t know that the drink in front of her was replaced by a fruity wine.

Su Cheng couldn’t bear drinking wine, after drinking a mouthfuls she started to get drunk.

After that Su Cheng made a fool of herself and someone took a picture of her and then was posted on the school forum. They even made a meme out of Su Cheng’s face with scars.

The scar was not gone yet, coupled with her flushed face and uncontrollable facial expressions after being drunk, it was completely different to her everyday looks yet the caption for the picture was “I am the most beautiful” which made it extremely ironic.

Later, someone became addicted to editing her picture. So various versions of “Su Cheng emoticons” were also derived.

Su Cheng’s flashbacks top and looked at the girl next to her.

“I have something to do tomorrow night, so I can’t go. ” It’s not that she can’t go, but she didn’t want to go-knowing there is a pit waiting for her to fall. Su Cheng wouldn’t be stupid enough to jump in like in her previous life.

Zhang Lingling didn’t know that Su Cheng’s face was ugly at this moment because she recalled those not-so-good experiences from her previous life. So she thought that Su Cheng was having a hard time answering the problem.

“Whatever you want.” Zhang Lingling said in a bad tone. After dropping the sentence she left immediately.

At the same time, she was thinking: I just glanced at the test questions on Su Cheng’s desk. Why do I feel that she was not dissatisfied because of the problems?

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Seeing Zhang Lingling coming back with an unhappy expression, some of the students came over and asked: “What’s wrong? She’s not going?”

Zhang Lingling: “Su Cheng said she is very busy, so she doesn’t have time to participate in class activities.”

“What is she busy with??”

“Ha ha, it is possible? ”

“But even Gu Cheng’s face is not enough to invite her, ah. ”

“Maybe Gu Cheng does not want her to go. ”

“Anyway, after class activities I do not want to see her regretting not accepting our invitation.”

“Then let’s not pursue it. Let’s not delay other people’s studies.” A few people came from Su Cheng’s while playfully laughing, but the topic of their subject did not seem to mind it, and continued to answer the questions calmly.

Su Cheng thought for a long time, and finally remembered the formula that Zhang Lingling had just interrupted.

Next to her, Qi Yixuan glanced at Su Cheng indifferently.

The two had been at the same table for a week, and Su Cheng barely said a word to him. So how could he not wait for some interaction?

However, Qi Yixuan did not care about this matters at all.

He just feel surprised on how much does Su Cheng like to solve question. She spends almost all of her free time answering exercise books, yet almost all the answers were wrong and none of the solutions were done right.

It is a miracle in the world of learning that this student didn’t get discourage but still working hard just to answer many questions.

Wrong again…

Qi Yixuan strongly resisted the urge to remind Su Cheng and pulled his eyes away from his seatmate’s test questions.

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