IJWLHGRAR Chapter 7.3

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Qi Yixuan took out the bottle of Coke from the vending machine and threw it to Gu Cheng.

“Done having fun?” Gu Cheng said with a cold face.

“Not yet, I still find it quite fun.” Qi Yixuan smiled indifferently.

At least, after observing for a week, he didn’t anything that was particularly annoying besides the scars on Su Cheng’s face.

He found something more interesting, though: Su Cheng seemed to hate Gu Cheng more than this bestfriend of mine. 

“By the way, today Zhang Lingling invited Su Cheng to attend your party tomorrow.”

Seeing the disgust on his friend’s face, Qi Yixuan smiled and said, “Unfortunately, she refused.”

Gu Cheng’s eyes sneered: “She should be thankful that she refused.”


In the evening.

Su Cheng returned to her own room and completed today’s learning tasks before logging on to her live account.

Logging into her profile, Su Cheng felt happy when she saw the two yuan that was suddenly added to [Balance].

Suddenly the idea of ​​”It turns out that live broadcasts can really make money” popped up in her mind.

After Su Cheng entered the live broadcast room, she was surprised to find that there were already three people waiting in her live broadcast.

[I came to see if the broadcaster has abandoned the room today, but I didn’t expect it to come back. 】

【Come on anchor, hurry up and start your performance today. ] [Which hero will the broadcaster play today? 】

Sorry, it still Daji.

[One day has already passed, how many levels did the broadcaster levelled up? 】

Sorry, I’m still at the same level when I went offline yesterday.

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[Only two games were broadcast yesterday and the anchor stopped. How many games does the anchor plan to play today? 】

Sorry, it will still be two games today.

Su Cheng’s current learning task is very heavy, and only half an hour can be set aside for live broadcasting every day. But for the sake of two yuan, she will try to fight for one more game today.

After Su Cheng started the game, some people came in one after another in the live broadcast room.

[I came to see the anchor playing Daji again. ] [Fuck, is this really Daji? Can it really be so beautiful and strong? 】

【How do I feel that the broadcaster is better today at playing today? 】

【This wave of attacks actually dazzled me. 】

【So, the broadcaster is doing a newbie tutorial video? 】

【No, I think this is a super tutorial for novices. 】

【Brother upstairs +1, I don’t think I can learn this wave of attack. ]

For the next 8 minutes, no one in the live broadcast room hadn’t reacted and the game ended.

[I obviously came to learn the novice operation, but the result were gone before I can understand anything, let me write a bad review. 】

【Haha, anyway, I can’t really learn the control field of Big Orange. 】

【For such a low-end game, seeing this I actually thought it was cool. 】

【But the controls were really sick, I don’t know how to follow any. 】

【Isn’t this game low-end one? It’s not bad to start with this. The broadcaster will definitely rise up quickly. I want to see the anchor play high-end games.]

After 40 minutes, Su Cheng won three games in a row.

It was already a bit late, so Su Cheng didn’t go to read everyone’s messages.

After leaving a message that the future broadcast will be at the same time tomorrow, Su Cheng directly quit the live broadcast.

Before turning off the phone, Su Cheng went to her profile to take a look, and the original 2.00 changed to 87.25.

In other words, she actually made more than 80 yuan tonight!

For the first time, Su Cheng felt the joy of making money.

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