IJWLHGRAR Chapter 8.1

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The next day.

In order to celebrate the prize won by Gu Cheng and his team, almost everyone in their class attended except for Su Cheng.

Obviously, this new classmate, who is not yet well acquainted from the group, will have no effect to everyone’s interest.

“My car has just arrived in front of the school’s gate, Xuexue and Zhang Lin, will you go together with me?”

“I also asked my family’s driver to wait outside, let’s all meet at the door of Huanye.”

“Let’s hurry and go to Huanye! Who wants to go with me in my car?”

“I want!”

“Qi Yixuan”, the two girls in the class ran towards Su Cheng’s table, ignoring her, the “invisible girl”. They looked directly at Qi Yixuan and asked: “We didn’t arrange any drivers to drop us off at Huanye, can you take us there?”

Qi Yixuan maintained a friendly smile, but he refused: “Sorry, I didn’t arrange a car to come over today. I plan to take Gu Cheng’s car, do you want to be together?”

Sure enough, when Qi Yixuan said this, the two girls looked at him again and shook their heads together.

Who doesn’t know, that Gu Cheng finds most annoying is when others gets into his car.

There was this girl in class 3 before who had a crush on Gu Cheng. She pretended to have her foot hurt and wanted Gu Cheng to send her a ride, but Gu Cheng directly called an ambulance for the girl. This was a direct face slapping in public.

So far, only Qi Yixuan and Xiaohuan have been lucky enough to ride in Gu Cheng’s car, and this was said by Li Yanran herself.

“Forget it, let’s go squeeze with Jin Wenfang and the others.” The two girls said regretfully.

Qi Yixuan: “Yeah, that’s a shame”

The two girls left, and Su Cheng subconsciously look Qi Yixuan, Su Cheng saw a look of quiet and peaceful as if he didn’t refused any invitation. His face does not even show any slightest embarrassment, he even dared to stay cozy…?

Su Cheng, at this moment, is of course having a good mood. With the 80-odd yuan earned from the live broadcast yesterday, Su Cheng’s inner happiness is very solid.

She was also happy because Gu Cheng will be back late at night after the party ends today, and his parents will assume that she will also be going. So Su Cheng can go home at later time.

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Sitting in the classroom, Su Cheng chose a few of the texts from her exercise book and silently wrote down the key paragraphs again to deepen her memory about the text. After she finished, she slowly pack her bags and left the classroom

After leaving the school, Su Cheng went to a shopping mall near the school. She carefully walk around each store and compared which quality were good, which got more net content and obviously which product is cheaper. Just after buying a few things, Su Cheng felt that the money earned yesterday were still not enough.

Taking the two bags of things from the cashier, Su Cheng sighed again: Having money is a good thing.  

When Su Cheng came out of the mall, it was already late.

Walking down the road, there seemed to be human voices from not so far away, arguing. Hearing those sounds, Su Cheng tightened her hand on the things she had been holding and subconsciously speeded up her pace.

As she walked away, the voice of the other party reached Su Cheng’s ears and it gradually became clearer. It was the voice of a girl, which sounded a bit familiar.

“We just started having a good time. It’s not good for you to let get away now.”

“I had made an appointment with Yueshan to go shopping today, but she said that your class had a party today. Maybe she thought it was not good to leave me behind. So she brought me together with her at the party.”

“You shouldn’t be dissatisfied with this incident, right?”

“Or are you upset by those people who are making fun of you? They said that I am your girlfriend, and I am obviously not. So…”

“I can go away, but I want you to take me home.”

“Before I came, I told my family that I will be attending your party. It’s too late now and it’s not safe for me, as a girl, to walk home alone from here. “

“Wait, Gu Cheng, you stop!”

Su Cheng:!

When she heard the word “Gu Cheng”, the corners of Su Cheng’s mouth froze, and in the next second she heard a certain devil throw out an impatient sentence with an indifferent voice: “Go away.”

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