IJWLHGRAR Chapter 8.2

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Seeing Gu Cheng turned around and left. Li Yanran caught up with him, but as soon her hand touched his shoulder, it was directly thrown away by the other party.

Su Cheng witnessed her embarrassment. Li Yanran also noticed someone not far away from their location. Su Cheng tried walking away with her head buried down, but the school uniform of Shangming Middle School she was wearing caught Li Yanran’s eyes.

Did my appearance of being thrown away by Gu Cheng just now was seen by this fellow schoolmate?  

Li Yanran panicked and tried to stop Su Cheng: “The schoolmate in front, can you stop for a minute.”

Su Cheng: I can’t hear you.

Li Yanran’s words caught Gu Cheng’s attention, and he looked back and saw Su Cheng’s back.

Gu Cheng’s gaze flickered: “Su Cheng! Stop for me!”

Su Cheng did not think think about how Gu Cheng recognized her from behind. Hearing his voice, Su Cheng’s back stiffened, and she quickened her pace again.

Before Su Cheng ran away, a huge force grabbed her and threw her back.

“Hmm–” Su Cheng slammed half of her body against the wall, it was very painful.

Immediately afterwards, Gu Cheng’s cold voice came from her ear: “What are you doing here?”

Why? Did she secretly ran over here without being invited by someone? She is really cheap!  

Gu Cheng sneered disdainfully, with disgust in his eyes.

Su Cheng: “I was jus passing by.” Can you believe it?

In her last life, Su Cheng timidly followed Gu Cheng to Huanye, and when she left, she was dizzy. So she did’t know that the place was nearby.

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So those people from the class came here after driving around for a lap?  

Su Cheng rubbed her sore elbow, and wanted to vomit.

Near here is the back door of Huanye. In Su Cheng’s memory from her last life, Gu Cheng didn’t seem to have come out together with Li Yanran.

“Get out of my sight.”

Su Cheng walked away from Gu Cheng with a cold face.

As soon as she took two steps, Su Cheng was blocked by a person, and Su Cheng almost vomited due to the disgusting alcohol stench coming from the person in front.

“Oh, isn’t this a new classmate in our class? I thought you were not coming.”

This person is also a student from the class A, named Zhou Chengpeng.

Zhou Chengpeng was obviously drunk right now, but she could recognize Su Cheng as a new classmate. It was entirely because the scar on Su Cheng’s face was too recognizable.

“Come on, let’s go up to sky together.” Zhou Chengpeng was about to take Su Cheng, but she dodged immediately. Zhou Chengpeng can only jump into the air alone.

This person didn’t give up after that scene, and wanted to immediately rushed forward Su Cheng to grab her again but he simply grabbed one of the bags in Su Cheng’s hand.

At this time, a few class A students just came over.

When they were still inside, everyone saw that Gu Cheng and Li Yanran had left for a long time and had not yet returned, so they all joked that they had gone to “communicate” privately.

Zhou Chengpeng drank too much but insisted that he wanted to come and see how Li Yanran fell in love with Gu Shao. So the others couldn’t do anything and let him go.

Because they were not at ease, a few people came out to find him.

They didn’t know that Zhou Chengpeng and Su Cheng were ‘fighting’ outside as soon as they came out.

“That’s Su Cheng?”

“Why is she here? Isn’t it impossible to tell what motive did she have to come here?”

“Who knows.”

“What happened?”

“Wow–” Before he even finished, Su Cheng’s plastic bag was torn apart and the contents inside instantly rolled to the ground.

In Su Cheng’s two bags, one contained ordinary daily necessities, such as soap and shampoo. While, inside the other bag there was a set of gray and blue pajamas, a few dark-colored underwear and socks. People with sharp eyes even saw a razor in it.

“I’m so sick of you! Get away!” Seeing her own things scattered all over the place, Su Cheng couldn’t help be impatient and yell at Zhou Chengpeng and pushed the other party away.

In the surprised eyes of the few people present, Su Cheng coldly squatted down and picked up the scattered things. The other bag was no longer usable, and the other was still okay, so Su Cheng picked the things she couldn’t fit in the bag and just stuff them up in her school bag.

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