IJWLHGRAR Chapter 8.3

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Looking at the girl on the ground picking her own things, the few people next to her were not willing to help, mainly because they have just come down and haven’t figured out the situation yet.

At the scene, only Zhou Chengpeng seemed to be completely unaware of what he did, and she still looked at Su Cheng with a smile on her face.

(For anyone who is confused, Zhou chengpeng is actually a male. I was confused why the author uses the Male pronoun on him when he was in love with Gu Shao? But reading the previous chapters I misunderstood that sentence lol, It was Li Yanran who he is inlove with)

“Oh, come here and bring us something. This pajamas looks good. Is it for Gu Shao or me?” Zhou Chengpeng said, and tried to grab Su Cheng’s pajamas.

Without waiting for him to succeed, with a “bang”, the next second Zhou Chengpeng’s whole person was kicked to the ground by Gu Cheng.

He was very embarrassed at this moment.

“Who kicked me!” Zhou Chengpeng cried.

Everyone stepped forward and grab Zhou Chengpeng: This guy really thought that the capital belonged to him after drinking some wine. He dared to make troubles in front of Gu Cheng. Now, he would not even know how he would die tomorrow.  

“Gu Cheng, Zhou Chengpeng is probably drunk. I’ll call his family to pick him up.”

Gu Cheng nodded, but he subconsciously looked at Su Cheng who had already picked up all her things and left without saying a word.

After watching for a while, Gu Cheng turned and left, with a hint of irritation on his face.

In the end, everyone pulled Zhou Chengpeng up, and someone noticed that Li Yanran hadn’t left, so they leaned over.

“Sister Gu.”

This title made Li Yanran’s face blush, and she glared at the other party and sneered: “Don’t call me that way, Gu Cheng will get angry.”

“Hey, my Cheng brother is not that stingy. And naturally you will be Gu’s wife in the future. By the way, what was the situation just now?”

“Just now?” Li Yanran frowned and said: “I am not very clear. I was just chatting with Gu Cheng outside here, and the girl just came here, and she seems to know Gu Cheng.”

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“Oh, the one you are referring to is named Su Cheng, that was a new transferee on our class.”

“New classmate?” Li Yanran’s eyes flashed with a suspicion: How do I feel that Gu Cheng seemed to look at her annoyingly?   

“Does she have a bad relationship with the people in your class?” Li Yanran asked again.

“Well, it’s almost the same, this person has a strange personality and not very friendly.”

“Is that so?” Li Yanran clenched her fists.

The way she and Gu Cheng were arguing just now… if it was seen by the other party she will be afraid that there would be a change on how they will react.

“By the way, that school girl, what happened to them later? Why did Su Cheng still get involved with Zhou Chengpeng?”

“It seems that Zhou Chengpeng wanted the girl to go in and play together, but the girl didn’t want to, so the two of them pushed each other.” Li Yanran absentmindedly said.

“She is really unfriendly. If she doesn’t want to play with us, we also will not want to play with her.”

“Do you know where this new classmate is from?” Generally, it is not easy to enter the key class, and looking at Su Cheng, Li Yanran thought she didn’t look fitting to that class.

“I don’t know.”

Back in the private room.

When these people came back, they heard from the other classmates who remained in the private room that Gu Cheng had already paid and left.

“Why did Brother Cheng leave without waiting for Yanran?”

Li Yanran smiled awkwardly when she heard this, “Our houses are in opposite directions, and I already told Gu Cheng before that today, my driver will come and pick me up.”

“Oh, so that how it is.” The people around started teasing her again.

“What did you do outside just now? You were outside for a long time.” Someone asked in the private room.

“Also, I blame Zhou Chengpeng for ruining the party…”

When everyone talked about what had happened, the topic gradually turned to the new classmate.

“By the way, did anyone look at what Su Cheng bought just now? They seemed to be used by boys…?”

“Thinking it for a while, I seem to have seen an electric razor!”

“Fuck, is she a man under a woman’s clothing?”

“Haha, what if she bought it for her boyfriend?”

“Hahaha. Just like that? Can she even have a boyfriend? Could it be—you are her boyfriend?”

“Fart! I ‘m not blind!”

The conversation between several people caused everyone to laugh.

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