IJWLHGRAR chapter 9.1

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Qi Yixuan also left the party earlier.

While on the road, a figure attracted Qi Yixuan’s attention.

“Su Cheng?” Qi Yixuan raised his eyebrows.

At this moment, the girl bowed her head and walked silently on a quiet street at night, with a bulging schoolbag behind her, and a bag of things in front of her.

The street light cast a dim light which illuminated a bit the person walking, it fell on the girl’s face and at this time, it even diminished the ugliness brought by the original scars on her face.

Qi Yixuan unexpectedly discovered that in this way, his new seatmate doesn’t seem to be ugly…

Moreover, Su Cheng’s face at this moment still has a vividness that she usually don’t have inside the classroom.

If Su Cheng knew Qi Yixuan’s thoughts, she would laugh at him to death: Did you say how vivid she is? She obviously cursing Gu Cheng in her heart!

Su Cheng was only preoccupied cursing Gu Cheng in her heart, that even if Qi Yixuan’s car was already next to her, she still didn’t took notice of him.

Qi Yixuan actually felt a faint of disappointment in his heart. So he asked the driver to follow Su Cheng slowly, but he still remained disappointed because Su Cheng still didn’t notice that there was a car following her.

As a result, Qi Yixuan was disappointed again and again while following Su Cheng.

Helpless, Qi Yixuan had to cough loudly in order to attempt attracting Su Cheng’s attention. After returning to her senses, Su Cheng was taken aback when she noticed the car next to her. Seeing Qi Yixuan inside the car, Su Cheng’s surprise in her eyes faded, and returned to being indifferent as if he was just a stranger.

“Why? Don’t you recognize me?”

Su Cheng: I really don’t know him.

Su Cheng looked at him coldly, turned her head away from Qi Yixuan and continued to walk on her own.

“Hehe, your personality.” Ignoring the trace of disappointment in his heart because of being ignored, Qi Yixuan chuckled and asked the driver to follow her.

“New seatmate, do you want me to take you home with a ride from my car?”

Su Chengxu frowned. She stopped walking and looked at Qi Yixuan, and asked, “You and Gu Cheng have a good relationship, right?”

Facing the sudden jump, Qi Yixuan was taken aback: “Uh, it is not bad.”

Su Cheng: “So, you know my relationship with him, right?”

Qi Yixuan smiled: “I know some, but not much.” For example, he doesn’t know why these two people are so disgusted with each other.

Su Cheng: “Then you should also know that I am staying at Gu’s house now.” Su Cheng looked at Qi Yixuan as if he was an idiot. She turned around and left.

Gu’s family is not far from here, and it’s only a few minutes’ walk from here.

Qi Yixuan: “…”

He was actually rejected by a scumbag who couldn’t use a mathematical formula and couldn’t spell the word “ambulance” right?!

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“Young Master?”

The driver’s voice came from the front and asked: “Still following?”

Qi Yixuan frowned slightly: “Don’t follow anymore. Let’s go home.”

“Okay.” When passing by Su Cheng, the driver glanced to the right again. At night The light is dim, but it is difficult to see, but it is vaguely visible that she should be a very beautiful girl.

Back to Gu’s.

When Su Cheng entered her room, she would habitually check the windows’ and door’s locks.

Su Cheng took out the bought things from her schoolbag and plastic bag and one by one cleaned the dirtied things. After that she took out the two sets of pajamas, a pair of panties and socks, after preparing she directly went to the bathroom and took a shower.

These manly things are indeed not Su Cheng’s, they were all bought for Ye Fan and she will sent them to the hospital this weekend.

Putting everything in order, Su Cheng packed up and opened the live broadcast app and start today’s live.

After the previous two days of live broadcasting, there are now more than 30 fixed viewers in Su Cheng’s live studio.

Like before, Su Cheng started the game without talking.

[It started, it started. 】

【My notebook is ready! Take one. ] [Huh? Is it my illusion? How do I feel that the hand speed of the broadcaster today is faster than the previous two days. 】

【I think so too. 】

【Fuck! Is this the control field? 】

【How do I feel… today’s big orange seems a bit cruel? ] [The big brother from upstairs, I am confident to remove the ‘like’ from your statement.] [The broadcaster is really tough today. 】

【So the broadcaster was really doing novice teaching in the previous two days? Is this the real level today?]

People in the live broadcast room discovered something about the anchor: Su Cheng’s play style today is not showy at all, but fierce! Showy and fierce.

In 6 minutes, the opponent surrendered and the game ended.

If Su Cheng clicks on the interactive area of ​​the live broadcast room, it will be posted, and her message will be posted in the most visible part on the live broadcast room .

[Hahaha, the anchor directly abused the enemy to the point of letting them surrender. This is a fierce show! it’s was really so showy! 】

【What kind of show is this? It only shows that the broadcaster completely surrendered to the other party with his own power. 】

【Really, the jungler here just now looked like a newbie, there was nothing there but didn’t assist when there were a few requests to gather there. 】

【Right right! There are also auxiliary brain damage. 】

【This low-end game is really a collection of various sand sculptures, haha. 】

【Why is the broadcaster still playing low end game? ] [Yes, when the broadcaster went offline yesterday, right? Didn’t the broadcaster said she will only play two games a day? 】

[We must give dad reviews, bad reviews! ] [Yes, a bad review! 】

Su Cheng didn’t even read the comments from the cspectators. One round ended, and the next round was soon opened.

Su Cheng was indeed having a bad mood tonight, so in every round she was very cruel to her opponent.

Within half an hour, Su Cheng played four rounds.

When preparing to end the live broadcast, Su Cheng went over and glanced at everyone’s comments.

[Anchor, Please don’t go yet! I can watch two more games! 】

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