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“…Before your parents died, they owed me a large amount of money! If you can’t find cash, you go transfer money by mobile phone! You, good niece I am not picky in which way you pay me, as long as you give me money.”

In a small apartment unit in a worn-out building, a middle-aged woman was blocking the door with her hands on her hips in order to prevent the girl, in front of her, from going out.

This simple girl, inside the room, has a clear eyes and good looks, but it was ruined due to malnutrition, swollen face and dark circles under her eyes.

She smiled in dismay: “Auntie, I have already given enough money to you and uncle. Now, I really don’t have any money left.”

Mu Yao’s auntie scolded: “Mu Yao, Mu Yao, you little bitch! You already dropped from school in order to work, but you didn’t even saved any money? We were kind to your parents back then, before they died! If you don’t support us, I hope you will be eaten by your own conscience! Even the neighbors don’t want to agree on how you treat us.”

As soon as the auntie said that, the women eating melon seeds and watching the show immediately withdrew their eyes from them and started looking at the sky, others even started a fake chatter between each other. No one wanted to interfere with the Mu family’s affairs.

The girl in the room, Mu Yao, smiled indifferently and said with a cold face: “I just gave you three hundred yuan the day before yesterday.”

Aunt: “That money is only enough to play two rounds of mahjong! Get me more money!”

Mu Yao walked out, ignoring her directly: “Please let me go, I’m going out to work.”

Seeing this, the aunt pushed Mu Yao away and walked into the house, cursing: “You littles slut! If you don’t pay I will look into your stuff… Let’s see what valuables are you hiding inside…”

Mu Yao was unwilling to pay attention, but seeing her aunt wanted to rummaged into her stuff, she followed worriedly.

The aunt took out a small box from the bedside drawer, opened it, and her face was full of joy: “Isn’t this jade? Why do you keep such a good baby!”

Mu Yao screamed, rushed to grab the small box: “This is what my mother left me! You are not allowed to take it!”

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Auntie smiled sharply : “Such a good jade bracelet, and you are just a little girl! You don’t need it? It is only appropriate to let me use it, hehehe! I don’t believe it’s a property of the dead!”

Mu Yao clung to the box tightly, keeping the box in her heart, her aunt leaped over, pulled her hair, and started yelling at her.

When the two were entangled, a male voice suddenly came from outside the door: “Let go of her!”

Mu Yao lowered her head and guarded the box tightly. Hearing this voice, tears rolled in her eyes and she came down: “Brother Zhang !”

This is her childhood sweetheart neighbor, three years older than her, named Zhang Jianhua. In the past, Mu Yao’s parents and his did a marriage deal between the two children.

Zhang Jianhua is a tall man, and when he came up, he pulled his aunt and pushed her directly out of the door. After that he sternly scolded: “Don’t come to Mu Yao for money anymore! She is just a lone little girl. Aren’t you embarrassed to bully your own niece?! You are too shameless. If Mu Yao doesn’t want you to give money, don’t force her! Get out!”

The aunt bitterly snorted at the door of Mu Yao’s house, and turned around to meet the strange gazes of the neighbors.

When no one could be seen, Zhang Jianhua closed the door again. He said to Mu Yao: “I came here today because I have something to tell you…”

Mu Yao still had tears in her eyes, and she was trying hard to prevent it from leaking out. Looking pitiful, she said softly: “Thank you, Brother Zhang, for helping me many times. I will definitely remember it for life, thank you.”

Zhang Jianhua rubbed his hands at the seams of his pants: “Um …I came to tell you, that… Um you know the deal between your parents and mine? Now that we are adults and we have our own thinking this deal…”

The corners of Mu Yao’s eyes and cheeks were red, and she lowered her head and said with embarrassment: “Actually…I always treated you as my brother…”

Zhang Jianhua breathed a sigh of relief and said simply: “Well, I also treat you as my sister. This time… I just want to tell you that I have found a girlfriend, and she will be your sister-in-law in the future. Don’t worry about what our parents did, ah! I will be moving to my girlfriend’s house later on. After I moved, you must take care of yourself and don’t let your auntie take advantage of you.”

Mu Yao froze and looked up at Zhang Jianhua in shock: “You…you are leaving…me?”

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