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Zhang Jianhua looked with pity at her”

“Yes…you will need to protect yourself in the future. If you save enough money by yourself, move out as soon as possible. The environment here is too bad for you as a little girl.”

Mu Yao couldn’t say what she wanted to say. In the end, she could only nod her head and replied: “Yes.”

Zhang Jianhua looked at the girl in front of him.

Even if she is dressed plainly, the face that has just been crying is red, and her big eyes are moist and agile. It is disheartening to see her like that, no matter how you look at it.

Zhang Jianhua is also a man. How could he not be tempted to see Mu Yao’s superb beautiful quality?

Before the two people still had a marriage deal, he indeed made some moves to Mu Yao. He said to her all the kinds of sweet overwhelming words and teasing her many times, hoping to push down Mu Yao one day.

However, now he climbed to the top and got into the eyes of the company’s CEO’s daughter. He was like a sparrow turned into a phoenix. Now, he was about to become a CEO and marry a Bai Fumei.

Mu Yao, whom he had been pursuing before, was immediately thrown out of the sky.

No matter how good Mu Yao is, she can’t provide herself with a career. It’s a pity that Zhang Jianhua reached out to touch Mu Yao’s face. With the intention of still wanting to take advantage of her until the end, he said: “Don’t worry…If you encounter anything in the future, just call me. I will always be your brother.”

Mu Yao quickly turned her head. Dodged his big hand, turned and walked outside: “I see, thank you, Brother Zhang, I’m going to work, let’s go.”

Zhang Jianhua’s fingers fell through, and seeing Mu Yao dodging him, he could only leave.

Mu Yao rode an old bicycle in order to go to the nearby film and television city.

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She is a group show performer from 9 am to 5 pm, and a restaurant waiter from 6 pm to 10 pm. She also uses her mobile phone to help people as a late-night customer service when she goes back at night. She is so busy throughout the day with almost no rest time.

Today, as soon as she arrived at the entrance of the film and television city, she saw the foreman calling the different group performer: “Last month’s salary is settled!”

Mu Yao leaned over and looked at the group performance foreman’s huge wad of money.

The foreman of the group acting is equivalent to a middle man. The directors in the film and television city will contact the local foreman for any group acting, and the foreman will recommend a group actors. Therefore, you must have a good relationship with the foreman in order to make money.

But no matter how hard Mu Yao tried, she couldn’t make a good relationship with the foreman named Qian Se and he seemed to be specifically targeting her. For example, now that everyone’s money has been sent out, Qian Se still has more than a dozen money left in his hand, but he still puts it back in his pocket.

Mu Yao leaned forward and asked: “Brother Qian, where is my salary last month?”

Qian Se glanced at her and snorted from his nose: “Hehe, you? Your crew didn’t pay you.”

Mu Yao pointed out. Qian Se’s pocket: “But I obviously see that there is still a lot of money left…”

Qian Se laughed loudly: “It’s weird. This money is from my pocket, is your name there? Is your name written on your salary? Is this really your money?”

Mu Yao said sternly: “Brother Qian, if you don’t give it to me, I will go and negotiate with my crew last time and ask them if they paid me.”

Qian Se rolled his eyes: “Go! The crew has changed places. Do you think you have the ability to find someone from your crew to ask?”

Mu Yao: “…I added the WeChat of the deputy director of the crew!”

After hearing this, Qian Se finally raised his eyes and looked at Mu Yao with a serious face, then coldly snorted. He unwilingly took out the banknotes from his pocket and took only a few: “Here, that’s it, your wages.”

Mu Yao took it and counted: “Brother Qian, this is only half of my salary. Can you give me a list to see if this is right?”

Qian Se looked at the weak girl in front of him, and suddenly raised his hand to touch her neck: “You know a lot, little girl. What kind of play do you want to watch? You are just a little bitch…”

Mu Yao became agitated, she squeezed the banknotes in her hand and quickly avoided his hand, but Qian Se squeezed her arm: “I tell you little girl, if you give me a touch or two, I’ll give you money. This work is definitely higher than you salary, and you don’t need to work hard. Do you want?”

Mu Yao shook off the sticky big hand, and kicked Qian Se on his most sensitive part.

With this kick, she caused Qian Se to squat down to cover his crotch with a howl.

Mu Yao took the opportunity to thicken her face and escape.

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