MFBILWMA Chapter 1

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How good can a person be to another?

Can one person’s tolerance have no real bottom line for another?

Even if she was spoiled and bratty, selfish and arrogant, proud and ignorant, living like a vase with nothing but purely with her face?

Zhou Yizhi never believed that there is such a pure beautiful emotion in the whole world.

Even if it exists, how could it fall on the most selfish and cold-blooded person like herself?

Ever since she was fiftee, she always hated her brother Xue Xi. Even now that she is already 22 years-old.

The reason was simple.

Her father was into business, and her mother was in the performing arts circle. Her father was busy with business all year round and didn’t go home. The marriage of her parents started with a deal between families and it barely survive disintegration over the years until now.

They are cold to each other all year round, and apart from giving her money, she, the only child of both of them was also ignored.

Zhou Yizhi did her best to attract the attention of her parents.

When they brought back a young man and asked her to call him ‘brother’, they didn’t even have the audacity to inform her beforehand.

Zhou Yizhi remembered that when she won the first prize in the provincial science competition of the senior group during the autumn, her excitement from winning was immediately over casted with happiness when she learned that her parents were coming back after half a year. Secretly hoping that they will praise her, she pretended to put the trophy on the coffee table in the living room. She even practiced and prepared a very difficult piano piece.

But her parents did not come back that day.

The housekeeper led a wet boy in. The boy had an amazingly beautiful eyes, a tall nose, thin lips, and he was wearing an old school uniform that it was so bleached that the color faded.

The shoes on his feet were an old pair of black leather shoes. There was a muddy water splashed and he looked a little embarrassed about his state.

His short black hair was drenched on his temples, his lips and skin were a little pale, and his whole body was dripping with water.

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He was obviously embarrassed. But he still raised his eyes in order to look at Zhou Yizhi on the stairs, he pressed his lips, straightened his back and still could not see the surprise in her.

Her parents already sent a long letter by email, saying that the young man they sponsored was named “Xue Xi”. He was very good. He won the special prize in the national competition not long ago and was favored by the scientific research institute in advance. Now, he will live at home temporarily. They even asked Zhou Yizhi to help him if he doesn’t understand anything in his studies.

Zhou Yizhi read the letter over and over, but still could not find a sentence related to her.

The rest of the attachments were all Xue Xi’s information, and an order to let the housekeeper go help him with the transfer procedures.

She dumbly went to take away the province’s trophy from the coffee table, threw it in the drawer and locked it up.

The initial curiosity and excitement for the young man had just been extinguished by a basin of cold water.

The tit for tat intensified.

Zhou Yizhi was young and insecure. In order to drive this good brother out of the house, she became cold-hearted and mocked him everywhere.

She even went far as ordering the driver to leave him in the middle of the road when the heavy rain was over the city, this caused him a high fever that didn’t subsided after a few days.

She also resorted to accusing him for robbery, while, in truth he didn’t even have the courage to take anything that wasn’t his.

She flared her teeth and claws against him for several years, yet the increasingly tall teenager still took unhurried steps, looked at her with a pair of warm eyes, followed behind her and went home.

All the fists that Zhou Yizhi slammed seemed to be smashed into a cotton ball not having any response at all.

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