MFBILWMA Chapter 2

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As she grew older, her arrogance died out.

The teenager, who was once wearing old shoes and looked like a lost puppy lost in a rainy day has also changed for the better right behind her. He grew up and matured, with a tall body and a handsome face. He has become the god of countless girls’ dreams.

Zhou Yizhi finally got tired of targeting Xue Xi, and finally admitted, with dissatisfaction, that his brother was indeed too good. She even had to work hard just to keep up with him.

At the age of 20, Zhou Yizhi simply didn’t bother to see him anymore and asked her parents for a sum of money, planning to go abroad and stay far away from Xue Xi.

Unexpectedly, her plan to go abroad did not succeed. Due to a car accident, she became blind for three months.

Her life is like a drama, Zhou Yizhi, a very proud woman, suddenly fell to the bottom.

Fortunately, the butler’s family immediately found a donor for her.

After knowing about the news, she immediately begged the donor to perform the operation as soon as possible, and after a moment of silence, the man responded.

She thought: That person must be extremely short of money, otherwise who would like to plunge into darkness all his life.

Zhou Yizhi was extremely grateful and asked the steward to donate all the assets in her name to that person.

Yet, the housekeeper said that the person donated his eyes free of charge, he did even not accept the assets, and refused her request to meet each other. Although she found it a little strange in her heart, she did not think much.

After her sight returned, Zhou Yizhi’s life seemed to have took a big turned around, that boring brother who had always followed her back in school, no longer appeared before her.

After her parents informed her that her brother went to abroad in order to further his studies, she only felt happiness. His brother may not be back for more than ten years, so she is even more relaxed now.

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Without the restriction of the “brother”, Zhou Yizhi was like a free bird escaping from the restraint of a cage after several years.

Therefore, when news of Xue Xi was sent to her Zhou Yizhi was taken aback.

That day, she received a heavy blow from her father’s business opponent, which was a letter of intent to donate the cornea/membrane.

The recipient is her.

And the donor…

Her gaze slowly fell to the signature in the lower right corner. The signature was so familiar that she thought for a moment that she had returned to the summer of high school by a mistake. She copied Xue Xi’s homework before and accidentally copied his name on the paper.

The signature is actually from Xue Xi.

Zhou Yizhi’s finger bones turned white, like a big dream she stated panicking.

 How could… How coul it be him? How..?

She immediately sent the donation book to an authority in order to verify the authenticity.

At that moment, she was shocked by her own despicableness-whoever the donor is, it can’t be him. She was afraid that everything she had done unscrupulously when she was young would be stamped with the wrong seal.

Everything is irretrievable. When the news of Xue Xi came, Xue Xi had passed away in a plane crash.

Zhou Yizhi went to find out what happened that year for the first time.

Back a dozen years ago, she was kidnapped at the age of five. The kidnappers demanded not only tens of millions of ransoms, but also the inability to call the police. One of the parents also personally raised the ransom.

Ten million ransoms were not a big number for Zhou Du and Jiang Yirong, but they had a disagreement over who would take the risk. Both have a family property of over 100 million, and can’t tell which one is higher or lower, but no one was willing to go. They frequently appear in financial news and entertainment news, so their faces were familiar to the kidnappers, and it is impossible to hire someone to replace them.

So the simple solution they thought of is, call the police.

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