My Fake Brother Is In-Love With Me Again

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Chinese Name: 呜呜呜假哥哥再爱我一次 Author:明桂载酒 Raw Link: Zhou Yizhi had always hated this ‘brother’, her parents brought back home. He was outstanding in everything he did. At the age of 20, Zhou Yizhi simply didn’t bother to see him anymore and asked her parents for a sum of money and planned to go abroad, far away from Xue Xi. Unexpectedly, her plan did not succeed due to a car crash and became blind. When a donor came before her, she didn’t even hesitate and asked the doctor to operate her immediately. After the operation became success, the person she hated the most, did not appear in front of her ever again. Who would have thought that the person she despised the most, was willing to give up his sight just so she will not suffer anymore… When Zhou Yizhi wanted to see him, she received a shocking news that he died from a plane crash… (Synopsis is from the translator)


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