S3YOC Chapter 1

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“Mummy, Qingqing wants to pee”

Gu Qingqing’s little head was still confused when she woke up in the morning. She sat in the soft quilt, her little fleshy hands balled into a fist, and kept rubbing her eyes sleepily.

After waiting for a long time, she was slowly becoming anxious, and without waiting for her mother to come, Gu Qingqing yelled again in a milky voice.

“Mommy, Qingqing can’t hold back!”


No one paid attention to her.

Gu Qingqing felt a little wronged, but still did not cry.

She looked around blankly, and suddenly realized that this room seemed to be different from hers.

But the little baby who has just awaken was still bewildered and anxious to solve the big problem of her hurting bladder. Without even thinking about it, she tried to get out of bed by herself with her hands and feet.

Hey hey…what’s the matter with this big mountain in front of me?

It’s blocking the way of Qingqing!

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Qing Qing is a very focused baby.

Therefore, the little girl only cared about ‘climbing the mountain’ and didn’t notice this at all, her pink and soft feet walk on a sleeping handsome face many times.

Faced with a series of foot attacks, the big guy who should be still sleeping, woke up abruptly.

Fu Heng just finished his three-month overseas business trip, and he only returned home at three o’clock in the morning in order to rest from a tiring flight.

After a few hours of sleep, he was awaken by someone ‘violently’, and immediately opened his bloodshot eyes in a bad mood.

He thought he would see a cold and beautiful wife, but he didn’t expect to meet with a pair of clear and childlike eyes.

A child?

How could there be a child in his bed?

“Uncle, who are you?”

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The title of this book from the author was initially “Mother’s Favorite damn President” (translated by me) And I was Like: ???

Where is the connection of the president?! Where is the love?! Isn’t this just a family love?! Return back my expectation of an overbearing president o(╥﹏╥)o

Anyway, please don’t mind if the title is different from the original.

This has a tag of romance coming from the author but I feel like it is more on family love and not a romantic love.

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