S3YOC Chapter 2

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Qingqing tilted her head and looked curiously at the strange adult who suddenly appeared on her bed.

She still kept the posture of lying on the other side.

Originally, there was nothing she can do but climb on his body. However, as soon as the man moved, the fleshy little arms and legs could not support her self anymore and she immediately fell down in a sitting position on Fu Heng.

Awakened by the sudden pressure on his body, Fu Heng furrowed his eyebrows and raised raised his hand to hug the child on his body. He sat up, bowed his head and looked straight into Gu Qingqing’s ignorant and innocent eyes.

“Qing Qing?”

This was not a question, but a surprised remark.

After carefully examining the appearance of the little child, Fu Heng was immediately surprised to find that the child looked exactly like his wife. If one were to put his wife and this baby side by side, this baby girl will look like a mini version of his wife.

Was he not informed that his wife gave him a little daughter?

No, this is not right.

Fu Heng shook his head thrown away those ideas from his mind, he should not rely on those fuzzy ideas.

Although he often travels for business, he was still at home of at least nearly half of the time throughout the year. It is impossible for him to not know whether his wife is pregnant or not.

Regardless of what the unfamiliar uncle in front of her was thinking, Qingqing was experiencing a suffocating feeling due to preventing herself from peeing on the bed, and now her fair and lovely face flushed in color red.

“Bathroom, Qingqing needs to go to the bathroom…”

The little hand slapped Fu Heng’s arm urgingly, and because of anxiety, the little milk’s voice became a little sharper.

Fearing that the child will create a pond on the bed, Fu Heng immediately put aside all of his doubts and rushed to the toilet holding Qingqing in his arms.

Putting the person down, Fu Heng, who just wanted to ask Qingqing if she would go to the bathroom by herself, saw her anxious little brows loosen up.

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A bad premonition suddenly surged in his heart. He looked down and, sure enough, a small puddle had already accumulated under Qingqing’s feet…

Fu Heng: “…”

Qingqing: “…”

Without the uncomfortable feeling of holding back urine, Qingqing was quite confused.

She followed Fu Heng’s gaze and looked down, then raised her head slowly, her expression gradually turned into a crying face.

“Wow ah ah ah… Qingqing peed on her pants… ooh…”

The three-and-a-half-year-old child also has her own self-esteem, and it embarrassed her greatly to pee on her pants in front of a stranger, therefore, her emotions collapsed on the spot. .

The sudden burst of crying not only caused Fu Heng’s headache, but also successfully attracted Fu Sijin, who was passing just by.

He adjusted his tie for a while, and turned his head with a suspicious look towards at the door of his parents.

How come there is a child crying?

“Knock, knock…”

“Mom, Dad! what’s going on inside?”

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