IBCV Chapter 1

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In order to free from pressure of writing the whole chapter, the raws will be divided into 3 parts

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Bright and spacious bedroom.

Weak Lu Huan was lying on the pink bed, playing a mobile game boringly.

There was a knock on the door, and then the housekeeper’s voice sounded, “Miss, Mr. and Mrs. Lu asked you to go down.”

Lu Huan replied softly, “Okay, I’ll go down right away.”

After she replied there were no more movement outside the door. Lu Huan sighed and threw the phone aside.

The time has finally!

Not long ago, she was a well-known voice actor in the circle.

She took the voice of a character from a novel adapted into a web drama, and she played the voice of the female supporting character number three.

Lu Huan has always been dedicated to her work. In order to integrate her emotions into her character better, she has read this million-word novel several times over and over again.

This novel is called “Lovely Wife Kissing Addiction”, and it is a usual Mary Su female lead and a domineering president male lead.

In the early stage, the male lead abuses the body and the mind of the female lead, but the later on the male protagonist chases his wife with regrets in his heart.

The heroine named Ye Sangsang is the real daughter of the Lu family living outside. After being brought back to the Lu family, she failed to live the life of a real daughter. Instead, she has been suppressed and bullied by the fake daughter Lu Huan, making her life more miserable than when she was living outside.

Ye Sangsang is used to being patient, and if she wants to have a good life, she must steal the male lead from Lu Huan.

At the birthday banquet, after being recognized back to the Lu family, Ye Sangsang pretended to seduce Chu Jun, but then he really fell into it.

The original owner of the body knew that Ye Sangsang was pretending to seduce the male protagonist, in order to retaliate against her she told Chu Jun the truth, and played various tricks in the middle in order to saw a discord between the two. After the the original Lu Huan intervened, Ye Sangsang completely gave up on the male protagonist and ran away with the child in her womb.

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After a year, she returned with a little cute baby and returned to the entertainment circle.

At this time, the male protagonist has already figured out the misunderstanding that year, and started the mode of chasing and doting his wife.

Ye Sangsang wanted revenge for Ye Sangsang, and the one she wanted to become the most miserable was the wicked female ‘sister’ Lu Huan.

The Lu family no longer sheltered her, and she did not want to return to her biological family.

She was living away. She rented an old small house and fell ill but she had no money for treatment. In the end, she was barely alive and sick.

The heroine Ye Sangsang has a face and a brain, just like a black lotus.

When Lu Huan read it for the first time, she was complaining about this character she had to portray. She spend a good life before but she had to die.

Unexpectedly, Lu Huan, who had just stayed up late to read it, transmigrated into the book and became the female supporting character Lu Huan with the same name and surname.

A week ago, after learning that she was the wrong daughter, Lu Huan ran away from home angrily and went to a beach house party with her group of friends.

She accidentally fell into the pool and couldn’t swim. The original tried to call for help, but It’s a pity that the other people were just partying in the house and didn’t know that there was a missing person.

Later, she was found by a passing villa servant. After she was rescued, they found that she was still breathing weakly, and thus she was rushed to the hospital.

After several hours in the emergency room, she was brought to life.

The original host of body fell into the pool and died, but the person who opened her eyes again became her.

Lu Huan didn’t inherit the memory of the original body. So she didn’t know about the group of friends she came with in the beach in order to eat, drink and party. In the end, she decided to pretend having amnesia.

She wasn’t the daughter who has been raised by the Lu family for more than 20 years.

She has no affection for them at all.

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