IJWLHGRAR Chapter 9.2

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【It’s so cool tonight, I strongly urge two more rounds, I can still watch 20 rounds.]  

Su Cheng noticed a message: [Why does the broadcaster not speak? What is a live game without someone explaining it? 】 

[Haha, the brother upstairs makes things sense. A live game broadcast without explanation is like pancakes without eggs.】  

【It’s okay if you don’t talk about low-end games, and if you do explain, I may not even understand it.]  

[I guess it’s because there are too many scams, and the broadcaster can’t help but be afraid when people scold them when they speak? That’s why the anchor resisted against explaining?】  

【This makes sense, I just wanted to curse after seeing a few scams here.]  

At this time, Su Cheng finally told the truth why she don’t explain: “Daji’s operation is just too simple, I can’t find anything to say.”  

[Fuck! Did the broadcaster speak just now?]  

[Nani! The host is a girl?】  

【Her voice is so nice!】  

Slim, soft and with a crisp and sweet voice, it’s the standard voice for cute girls! And definitely the kind that makes the ears pregnant.  

[Not a voice changer, right? No, I have to watch the replay and listen to it again later.】  

【I can listen 100 more times.]  

[Haha, me too. And the broadcaster explained this to me.】  

【That is, the broadcaster, what are you telling the truth?】  

【The broadcaster don’t want another round? ]  

Su Cheng: “No.” She still has to do homework.  

After saying the schedule of the next live, Su Cheng ended today’s live broadcast.  

Looking at the balance, Su Cheng made a total of 106 yuan today, more than 20 yuan more than yesterday.  

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In school.  

After the math class, the teacher left a big question before leaving the class.  

Su Cheng wrote down the question and read it carefully.

Su Cheng suddenly felt that she could answer this question.  

Many of the questions in mathematics class have been using the basic knowledge learned before, so the teacher must have been hesitating in teaching the next topics because Su Cheng’s basic knowledge is just too weak.

Su Cheng, didn’t even ask the teacher about the lessons, and when she listened she often do not understand.  

However, Su Cheng soon discovered that with the current knowledge she has learned over the past few years and the content of the teacher’s lectures in the past two days, Su Cheng thinks that she can answer this big question. 

Not long after Su Cheng has written densely packed formulas and deductions on the originally clean exercise book, the person sitting next to her, Qi Yixuan, glanced at the derivation process that was full of pages in Su Cheng’s book, and then looked at his answers with only three formulas on his notebook.

After repeated confirmation, he was sure: Su Cheng and he did the same but the only difference is that Su Cheng used the most complicated and time consuming method.

Qi Yixuan glanced at Su Cheng’s piece of paper with interest-the steps were all right, it was just too stupid.  

Of course, Su Cheng knew that her steps were troublesome and stupid, but compared to her cluelessness, at least now she knew what to do to get the answer.  

This is the first time Su Cheng has experienced the joy of approaching the answer step by step in the process of answering a question.  

Su Cheng was so serious and didn’t notice the bell ringing, let alone noticed the teacher of the next class walking in the classroom.  

The chemistry teacher was given a lecture by the head teacher, and seeing the student below so immersed in the book, she was very pleased, but he took a closer look and noticed that the other party did not even take out the chemistry book!  

My chemistry class is so wonderful, students are actually doing math problems!

This is simply a shame in his teaching life!  

The chemistry teacher sternly knocked on the desk with chalk: “The fourth row of the third group, the girl next to Qi Yixuan!”  

”Yes, that’s you”, seeing Su Cheng looking up awkwardly, the chemistry teacher pointed on her and then knocked the blackboard. After knocking on the sample question on the blackboard, he asked: “What is the PH value of this question? You answer it.”  

Looking at the question on the blackboard, Su Cheng was stunned: She doesn’t understand this at all.

At this time, there seemed to be whispers in the class.  

”Quiet!” the chemistry teacher looked at Su Cheng: “Does this question need to be considered for so long?”  


Qi Yixuan has already figured out the answer at a glance.  

Qi Yixuan saw that Su Cheng was standing stiffly, his fingers subconsciously dig to the edge of the desk, and he miraculously produced a trace of impulse of the need to tell Su Cheng the answer.  

Just before Qi Yixuan hesitated, he heard that Su Cheng had already spoken to the chemistry teacher: “Teacher, I don’t know this question.”  

Su Cheng’s words instantly caused a lot of discussion in the class.  

”What she said… she wouldn’t really have fake it?”  

”This question is so simple, it wouldn’t be that hard?”  

”Didn’t she listen to the class?”  

”No, I don’t think she is a student who is dedicate at learning anytime and anywhere. Does she look like this? She can’t even do this kind of questions?”  

”Pretend to memorize, pretend to study hard .”  


”Be quiet!” The chemistry teacher gave Su Cheng a headache: “Since you can’t listen to the class well, why? You think mathematics is important, so you don’t need to learn chemistry?”  

Su Cheng: “…”  

Most of the student in Class A were not simple at home, especially this student with poor grades. Since she have the ability to enter the key class, the chemistry teacher did not punished her. 

“Okay, sit down!” Su Cheng sat down staring at everyone in the class with surprised or mocking eyes.  

”You…” Qi Yixuan opened his mouth. Originally he wanted to say something to Su Cheng, yet he found that she didn’t need his comfort at all.

Su Cheng seemed completely unaffected by what happened just now and the ridicule of the classmates. The effect was average.

She already took out the chemistry textbook and at this moment she started listening to the lesson carefully, even though she may not understand it at all.

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