IJWLHGRAR Chapter 9.3

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In the evening, Su Cheng was in her room looking at the few subject textbooks she had put aside. She was choosing on which book she should start with her daily study routine.

Su Cheng sight finally stopped and took out the Chinese textbook and began to recite the text.

In her last life, Su Cheng had almost forgotten everything she studied in her textbooks during the last few years on living. When she became aware of that, she was so embarrassed.

Therefore, not only is her foundation on the major subject is weak, but also the situation of the minor subjects is not any better than than the majors.

It’s just that time is too tight now, and Su Cheng can only study a few minor-subjects before the exam.

In her self-study yesterday, Su Cheng actually scored 94 points on the test questions today, which is 55 points higher than the 39 points before she did not learn. Moreover, this is the first time she got 90 points on the test questions.

This score made Su Cheng happy, and even made the happening during the chemistry class disappeared on her mind.

She was very satisfied with her current results and seeing that there was still time, Su Cheng simply found another version of the same topic.

She got 88 points!

Much higher than the score of the previous one she did.

Su Cheng began to look forward to what score she would get on the exam’s, when in fact, she had juat clearly finished a new chapter.

——After completing today’s learning task, Su Cheng opened the live broadcast on the scheduled time.

The moment she opened the live broadcast room, Su Cheng was surprised to find that the number of people in her live broadcast room actually increased today.

Su Cheng’s eyes were incredible sharp, and she was sure that she saw 212 current viewers.

When she went offline yesterday, there were only more than 40 people in her live broadcast room. Today, however, more than two hundred viewers came at once, and the number was steadily increasing.

”What’s the matter?”

Su Cheng saw many people in the comments in the live broadcast room commenting [Anchor with a cute voice].

There were many reasons for that name.

[I heard that the voice of this broadcaster is very good. A really cute one, right? 】

【The broadcaster just said a few words, let us listen carefully. 】

【Please say ‘Good evening’ dear anchor.】

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On the live broadcast platform, there are many voice-controlled audiences, and no matter what type of broadcaster, their voice would become good.

”Good evening everyone.”

[Wow! Her voice is really good! ] [The voice of the broadcaster is so sweet, I like it! 】

【Judging from my years of experience, the broadcaster’s voice must be the original sound!】

【The broadcaster can not only do games, but just talking is already enough.] [Yes, I think the voice of the broadcaster must be suitable for singing. ] [It’s okay to chat with us too if you don’t sing. 】


【Can you stop talking about tht? Is this still a game live broadcast?] [When will the broadcaster start? hurry up.]

The people who said this are all for the game.

Su Cheng didn’t know that some viewers recorded the replay of yesterday’s game and shared it on the Internet.

The title was: “This is definitely the most beautiful Daji operation I have ever seen, there is no other one!“

At the beginning, most of the people who clicked in this video was done out of curiosity. After all, few people would use Daji in the later stage. It doesn’t matter if you watch it or not.

After they clicked in, they realized that this broadcaster is really amazing!

So there are many people who came here today.

“Start now.” Su Cheng opened the game.

After the sound of “battle”, Su Cheng ended the game in 6 minutes.

With the audience, there will naturally be more comments.

After the end of a round, Su Cheng did not directly start the next round as before, but learned from the big game anchors of the previous life about reading the comments in the middle, and interacting with the audience.

[Seriously, the broadcaster is definitely the best at operating Daji I have ever seen, although I actually only watched three of Daji’s live broadcasts, haha.】

【I can’t learn this wave of Big Orange (username of Su Cheng) operations. ] [Is the anchor really a girl? I can’t believe it. 】

[When will the broadcaster show up and broadcast one with her face on?]

Su Cheng filter out some of these to see more serious comment.

[The broadcaster’s Daji is really good, but to be honest, this is still a kind of junk hero. It’s okay for the low-end game, but after that it won’t work any more, and this kind of operability is so low that you don’t need to use your brain. This hero is really nothing to see, I think the broadcaster should play with another hero.】

【I also think that the broadcaster should change to a hero. Isn’t Wanmei better than Da Jixiang? ]

“Well, wait.”


Everyone in the live broadcast room had question mark faces.

[Anchor, this is Daji hasn’t played enough yet? 】

【We don’t actually need Daji part of the teaching. Really, the broadcaster can start teaching the next hero.】

【Although I don’t know what to wait for, I will wait just for the sake of hearing the voice of the broadcaster.】

【Broadcaster, do you know how to play other heroes?]

Su Cheng: No of the comments are the answer.

It’s not impossible to change a hero, but Su Cheng played too few rounds. She still couldn’t afford other heroes with her current gold coins, and it was still three days away from signing in.

For live-broadcast today, Su Cheng’s total of spectators is 400, although there is not much growth on her income, she still made about 184 yuan.

With this money, Su Cheng took 36 yuan and bought a set of exercise books on the Internet, this were the things she can’t afford before. The rest of the money, Su Cheng put them on “Ye Fan Medical Bank”.

Su Cheng hugged her little book and went to sleep at ease, completely unaware that, below downstairs there is something happening.


In the living room, Gu Guofeng and Cheng Gu looked seriously at each other.

”I heard that you pushed Yanran away from the party yesterday?”

Hearing this, Gu Cheng grunted, and asked coldly: “This is a party our class’ organized, why is there a need gate crashing?”

Hearing this, Gu Guofeng frowned, “Our family and Li family had business dealings, and you and Yanran are friends. You have a celebration party, why is it inappropriate for her to go?”

“I didn’t know when I was ’befriended’ by her.” Gu Cheng sneered.

”What silly things are you saying? Okay. Next week, the Li family will come to our house as a guest. Don’t run away by then!”

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