S3YOC Chapter 4

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Gu Lan nodded perfunctorily: “They look so alike, of course I can see that she is your mother’s illegitimate child…what? Your mother?!”

He was so shocked that he almost choked in his on saliva.

Of course, the shock is only for a moment.

Soon, Gu Lan calmed down but he was still feeling that this was just some jokes.

He asked abruptly: “What’s the date today?”

“June 1st.” Fu Sijin said upon glancing at the electronic clock on the wall.

“Children’s Day, Children’s Day, I thought it was April Fool’s Day!” Gu Lan, who didn’t believe in such absurdities at all, thought that he was played by the father and son duo.

“This is a fact.” Fu Heng stopped Gu Lan, who, was so embarrassed that he bagan preparing to leave. Fu Heng, with a very calming eyes, continued: “We don’t need to lie to you.”

After the joint explanation of the Fu father and his son, various evidences were also presented to prove that Gu Lan’s materialism 3 views collapsed smoothly and could no longer be established.

Wether he wanted to believe it or not, this are just some absurdity.

But as Fu Heng proved this was all right, he didn’t have the ability to refute this happening, and it was not Fu Heng’s nature to tell a lie.

Moreover, the CCTV of the Fu family also showed that Gu Qingqing has not gone out since returning home yesterday, but now such a big person has disappeared out of thin air.

The monitoring files of the Gu family within three years have been also dug out, and there was no small Qingqing. There were no traces of existence, so there is no suspicion that little Qingqing was deliberately hidden inside the Fu’s house.

All of this points to an obvious fact: Gu Qingqing became a three-year-old kid overnight!

“If you still don’t believe it, you can just do a paternity test.” Fu Heng said.

Just compare little Qingqing’s DNA with that of Gu Lan and Gu’s father and mother, and the answer can be easily obtained.

“Of course I can do a paternity test, but…” Gu Lan gazes across the living room, who is holding a stuffed bear, swinging her little feet, munching a cookie stick in her mouth, and watching cartoons obediently, Gu Lan suddenly felt a headache: “Isn’t the most important thing nowis how to deal with that child?”

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“Uncle, that’s my mother, your sister.” Fu Sijin kindly reminded him.

‘That child’ is no ordinary strange child, don’t say it has nothing to do with them.

“I know!” It’s because of knowing this fact that his headache is even becoming worse.

Qingqing attention was all caught by the pink piglet on the TV, and suddenly a few tall shadows blocked her eyes from the TV.

She raised her head subconsciously, her big clear eyes stared blankly at the adults who surrounded her again, and now there is one more.

Holding tightly the little arm of the plush bear, Qingqing made a fist in his heart to be bold, and then… whispered: “Uncle, who are you?”

Their whole being felt insulted.

After staring at little Qingqing with complex expressions for a moment, Gu Lan said with a cold face, “I am your brother.”

“You are a liar!” Qingqing dismantled Gu Lan’s’ lie on the spot, “My father and mother clearly agreed that Qingqing would not have a siblings!”

The child was so emotional that she forgot the fear she had before and shouted so loudly and fiercely!

“Oh, but my parents gave birth to me, what can you do?” With his hands around his chest, he skillfully put on a mocking face that was not easily beaten.

The sibling’s habit of bickering from childhood to adulthood made Gu Lan immediately retrieve his familiar ‘battle posture’.

“Uncle, he’s lying, right?” Gu Lan’s attitude was so determined that Qingqing didn’t know how to judge.

Her small pleading eyes aimed at Fu Sijin, begging for a negative answer.

He have to say that a child’s perception is keen, and he can easily find the person who is the most kind to her among this several big adults.

It’s not that the other two were not good people. The main reason is that they are too older and too stronger to make the little baby who have the intuition of a small animals feel scared, she dare not to be close to them.

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