MFBILWMA Chapter 4

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The piano abruptly produced a short sound when the keys are abruptly pressed.

All the scenery she was watching during her flight shrank violently, traversing mountains and rivers, turning over the years, and regressing at an extremely fast speed to the day of heavy rain in the late autumn.



The girl who was lying on the piano, didn’t know when she went to sleep, but she was suddenly awakened by the sound of the piano.

She raised her head and she seemed to feel her heart being restrained by a cage, there was a heart-piercing pain, yet she couldn’t find a way out to stop this feeling as the tip of her nose started to become sore.

But all of this…

Zhou Yizhi’s choked and looked around.

The sky was dim, there were light blue curtains, and floor-to-ceiling windows next to her piano.


The sycamore leaves that stretch to the second floor have turned yellow. The heavy rain crackled and slammed on the glass windows, as if thousands of people clapped in silence.

She obviously embarked on a journey to a foreign country, but when she opened her eyes, why did she return to the villa?!

Zhou Yizhi’s heartbeat speeded up gradually, and she looked at her hands incredulously.


She lowered her head, and the smooth black piano was shiny, reflecting the face of a young girl with a bow head tied up.

She has fair skin, slender swan neck, cold and world-weary features, sharp and proud.

It’s a pretty face that everyone will love just by looking at the skin.

The phone on the side lights up suddenly. It was a new email message. The sender is her father Zhou Du. The subject of the email was: Xue Xi’s information.

Seeing this name again, Zhou Yizhi’s missed her breath for a second.

All of this was too familiar, so familiar that it made her blood flow, as if the gears of fate are running over and over again.

The late autumn, withered leaves, heavy rain at the age of fifteen, a black car slowly come from the mountainside with the boy who was about to be taken in.


Zhou Yizhi realized that she had gone back to the day of she met his brother!


Her heart jumped wildly, even more anxious than the sound of rain. She hurriedly opened the door of the study room and went out, she couldn’t even notice that her knee was smacked on the piano bench.

As if eager to prove something, she stepped on her slippers and rushed down the stairs.

Because of the heavy rain, the door of the villa was tightly closed, the housekeeper went out, and Aunt He was making some snacks in the kitchen.


Hearing the sound of her stepping on her slippers to rush downstairs, Aunt He hurriedly poked her head out of the kitchen: “Miss, be careful, don’t fall.”

Zhou Yizhi looked at Aunt He, she really looked younger than a teenager.

She looked at the coffee table again, holding a provincial competition trophy. It was put there when she who woke up this morning by pretending she have misplaced it, upon hearing that her parents were coming back home. Sure enough, she really returned to that day!

Zhou Yizhi’s heart was full excitement overlapping with the remaining pain. She actually sat down the stairs and hugged her knees.

“What’s wrong with Miss?!” Aunt He came to help her in a panic.

“…I’m fine.” Zhou Yizhi finally woke up from her own world.

What just happened was not a nightmare, it was indeed real.

However, now she needs to face the fact that she has returned to the past.

The only person in the world that treats her best has not yet came to her life, and the period in which she ruined his best youthful year because of her arrogance, still didn’t happened.

Everthing was yet to happen.

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