Quick Transmigration: The villain just wanted to make money!

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  1. Chinese Name: 反派他只想赚钱[快穿]


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Thanks to his family having a business, his hobby is to make money, his skills are for making money, his characteristic is to be rich and his dream is to make money by himself.
Such a money-making madman died in a car accident while escaping from a blind date.
He was sad about the fact that he could no longer make money. When the villain became depressed about it, a system bound to him.
“Do you want to come back and live again? Let’s go through the plot and do the villain missions!”Xie Gu: “This system is giving me missions that blocks me from making money!”
Xie Gu, transmigrated as in the first plot: Protagonists, get ready and accept this boss! But first, answer this question: What is the current status of economy in the country?



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