IJWLHGRAR Chapter 10.2

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At The Gu’s house.

Gu Guofeng and Zhou Yan are entertaining Li Liangdong’s family as the host.

Seeing that Gu Cheng was not staying at home and disregarded his father’s word, Gu Guofeng’s face was a little ugly.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhou Yan quickly explained for her son: “I originally wanted Gu Cheng to take Yanran out for fun, but he already has his plans for this weekend, he was going to participate in a project of science and technology innovation competition.”

“Of course official business is much important than playing around.” Mrs. Li expressed her understanding towards Gu Cheng.

But Li Yanran pursed her lips and her eyes flashed with disappointment.

“By the way, I heard that your family has taken in another child? “Madam Li asked.

“You are referring to Su Cheng, she is the child of a comrade-in-arms of Guofeng. Because of some family reasons, she will first stay with us to live in for a while. Su Cheng is about the same age as Gu Cheng. She might be a bit introverted, but she is quite a sensible lass.” As Zhou Yan said that, she paused and looked at Li Yanran: “Today Su Cheng is absent. Next time Yanran comes here, this aunt will introduce you to each other. ”

Hearing that name, Li Yanran turned a deaf ear to Zhou Yan’s words. At this moment, she was full of the name “Su Cheng”.

——She had heard this name before, and it was at the night of the party.

Li Yanran thought of what happened again in that night.

She made an unbelievable discovery!

That girl actually lived in Gu family’s house! And she lived under the same roof as Gu Cheng!

At that time, seeing Gu Cheng being close to Su Cheng back then, Li Yanran felt an indescribable weird feeling in her heart. She knew Gu Cheng very well. Everyone knows that he has a habit of cleanliness, but that day, Gu Cheng actually took that girl’s hand.

Although Gu Cheng’s attitude towards Su Cheng was actually very bad, looking back at this time, Li Yanran couldn’t accept it. Gu Cheng actually went to grab another girl’s hand!

“There was a sudden ‘adoption’ in the family, yet Gu Cheng has no objection? “Mrs. Li ask.

“There is no objection but…” Zhou Yan didn’t continue because she didn’t know how to explain Gu Cheng’s reaction towards Su Cheng. It is also because the ugliness of the family cannot be publicized. “Children at this age can’t have any contradictions at all, but it’s okay for the two children to cause some little troubles.”

Mrs. Gu’s words made Li Yanran completely fall into what she thought! Gu Cheng and that Su Cheng have no so-called contradictions at all, making a little trouble? Doesn’t it mean that the two people are very close…?

Today, Gu Cheng is not here, and that Su Cheng is not here also. Could it be that the two are together? Are they dating?

Li Yanran’s face was cold, and the hand beside her clenched subconsciously.

If Su Cheng was present at this time and knew Li Yanran’s thoughts, she would definitely yell “You are mad”, and then pry the other person’s mind to see what’s inside to fix the malfunctioning cogs.

—— In the hospital, Su Cheng gave Ye Fan a massage, and then explained a few words to the nurse. Seeing the time, Su Cheng estimated that the Li already left the house. Now, she can prepare returning to the Gu’s.

Su Cheng was walking on the road, suddenly seven or eight punks with colorful hair appeared from where Su Cheng stopped.

“Sister, where are you going so late?”

Su Cheng looked at the people in front of her. These people seemed to be young, and they are probably some problematic students from other schools nearby.

In her previous life, Su Cheng had seen more terrifying things, even more terrifying people, so this time she did not panic when facing these people.

“If you are asking for money, I can give it to you, but I hope you can let me go after you take the money.”

Su Cheng’s words made the little gangsters, who wanted to find a girl to play with, hesitate.

“How much money do you have?”

“There are more than one hundred here, and I have more than two hundred in WeChat. I can give it to you…” Su Cheng regretted not taking the anti-thieft spray and electric shock baton she hid under her pillow.

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