S3YOC Chapter 6

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Fu Sijin suspiciously glanced at the breakfast placed on the table from time to time, and the scale of anxiety in his heart swung back and forth, he was thinking of either going outside to eat or sit quietly and taste his father’s rare cooking skills.

In the end, the thirst for survival defeated curiosity, and as soon as he placed his feet on the ground, Fu Sijin wanted to turn around immediately and go straight outside. But… his father’s voice made him stiff and returned to his seat.

“Quickly finish eating and go to work.” Fu Heng said in a deep voice.

“This taste good.” Gu Qing Qing said in her milky voice.

Sitting across Qingqing and watching the little girl feasting on toast with jam and boiled egg with one claw, Fu Sijin was very relieved.

His mother was all right after eating, at least it can prove that his father’s cooking does not have food poisoning.

In fact, they are all machine-made things, so the taste can’t be that bad, yet it doesn’t matter how delicious it is, it’s all about home cooking standard. For Fu Sijin, however, he had an extremely low requirements from the beginning, he was already considering this meal as a delicacy in the world, that his tears were about to come down.

“Uncle is so weird.” Qingqing tilted her head, with a sly smile hidden in her curious eyes. She stretched her little finger and scratched her cheek, and teased Fu Sijin with her childish voice: ” You are crying because of the breakfast. This is embarrassing.”

Fu Sijin: “…”

This child… Just because you are my mother, you can do whatever you want now?

In fact, she really can.

“I have something to do this morning. You, take your mother out this morning, and by the way, take her to buy some suitable clothes. I will pick you up both at noon.”

After the meal, Fu Heng fixed his collar and readied himself to go out. Before leaving, he told his eldest son to be accommodating to his child wife, and then left without waiting Fu Sijin’s response.

“Dad…” Fu Sijin wanted to rebut him but couldn’t keep his father from remaining and hear him out.  

I also have a business to manage!

There was a faint pull from the corners of his trousers, and Fu Siji lowered his head just to see Qingqing still wearing the oversized sweater, with her little head up looking at him cutely.

“Uncle, are you taking Qingqing to find her parents?”

“Don’t call me uncle.”

Fu Sijin said weakly, covering his face.

Even if the child’s sweet and little milky voice is very cute, it can’t change the fact that she is his own mother.

Seeing his mother being a three-and-a-half-year-old child, his three views on materialism are completely broken.

“What’s should I call you?” Qing Qing asked.

“Call me… Xiaojin.” His mother likes to call him that way everyday, although Fu Sijin dislikes this naive-sounding nickname.

Every time he heard it, he couldn’t help but feel awkward. Sometimes, he didn’t even want to respond to his mother when she calls him like that. He didn’t even want others to initiate calling him like that.

“Uncle Xiao Jin.” Qingqing utteres super loudly.

“…Don’t add Uncle, just Xiao Jin.” Fu Sijin called her out very awkwardly. 

“How about little brother??” Qing qing asked

“Don’t call me brother either.” Fu Sijin refused on the spot.

With her mouth pursed, the annoyed Qing Qing had a temper and didn’t want to care about others now.

After waiting for a long time, there was no childish voice calling calling him, he tied up his tie two times before squatting down, holding Qingqing’s shoulders with both hands and asked her straightly: “What? Angry?”  When she didn’t answer, he asked again: “Out of breath?”

But the pink mouth was pouted that it can hold an oil bottle. (Big pout of a child in tantrum)

Why is taking care of a child so hard?

Fu Sijin sighed in his heart, but on the surface he had to maintain a gentle smile as much as possible, and communicate with her patiently: “I’m sorry, I was wrong. May I take you out in order to buy beautiful dress?” This sentence can coaxed his adult mother, it may not be too different from his child mother.

The eldest son was usually very cold towards others, but facing this young mother, Fu Sijin unexpectedly compromised even if he didn’t do anything wrong actually.

Fortunately, Qing Qing is very easy to be coaxed. As soon as she heard that she could go out, she immediately became happy. Her whole face glowed with a different brilliance, and even her little milky voice contain some excitement: “Okay~!”

Actually, for children, going out equals to no matter what they would be doing outside it’s all about playing that matters. While the equation is true, the happiness it brings is unmeasurable. This is especially true for Qingqing who rarely goes out since her birth.

The closed electronic iron door of the gate opened, and the expensive black luxury car slowly drove out of the villa. 

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