IJWLHGRAR chapter 11.1

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“Qi Yixuan.”

“Huh?” Qi Yixuan felt flattered when he suddenly heard his silent seatmate calling him.

“Yesterday… thank you.”

Su Cheng is not an unreasonable person. She admits that because of Gu Cheng, she had a very bad impression of Qi Yixuan, but Qi Yixuan’s appearance did really help her yesterday.

As for Gu Cheng.

Su Cheng hadn’t paid attention to that guy from beginning to end. Even if he did help her, Su Cheng still didn’t want to thank the other party.

Gu Cheng might even wish that she had an accident and leave Gu’s house, how could he really try and rescue her.

Listening to Su Cheng saying “thank you” to himself, Qi Yixuan, who has always been at ease, froze for the first time.

“Raise your hand.” Qi Yixuan said with a smile. But when he turned around to see Su Cheng, she already started studying by herself. “You…”

Today’s first class is the physics this subject caused Su Cheng a big headache.

“The content of the last chapter is over, today we will take a quiz.”

As soon as the physics teacher came in, he brought a desperate news.

The physics test has 10 multiple-choices, 10 fill-in-the-blanks, plus 6 big questions, for a total of 100 points.

Qi Yixuan on the side got the test paper and started to do it, and Su Cheng looked like a normal studen. After she got the test paper, she read it from beginning to the end.

On first question, no, the second question, I feel like choosing c… I am not sure though… For the third question…no…

For the following big questions, Su Cheng was almost clueless about it. She understood the meaning of each words but when put together… She can’t understand what it means…

Su Cheng bit her pen and hesitated for a moment. She tried her best to fill with the formula that she learned recently and felt that this could be use in this problem, although he might not get any points.

After the test, Qi Yixuan scored a perfect score, and Su Cheng only got 12 points for blind guessing.

When the test papers were handed out, the class representative glanced at Su Cheng curiously, and she was shocked.

“I just saw Su Cheng’s test paper.” The class representative returned to her seat and talked to the person next to her: “Guess how many points Su Cheng did get on the test?”

“If you let us guess like that, could it be she failed?” someone asked in a low voice.

“You’re just putting a conservative guess, you guess again, make a bold guess.”


“You’re just overestimating her! Let me just tell you, Su Cheng actually scored only 12 points!”

“The physics test was easy, but she only scored 12! This score is too fantastic.”

“Really, I took a closer look and it is definitely 12, not 72.”

“Hahaha, I thought she was an A-straight student. Unexpectedly, she was at the bottom scorers. With only 12 points, did she came here to be a joke?”

“I guess there won’t be anyone in the class who has a score lower than her.”

“Definitely not. Today’s physics test was not too difficult. Let me just close my eyes and blind guess that my score will actually higher than hers.”

” I’ve done so hard to get such a point in the test. I’m afraid it is not an IQ problem.”

“Look, she is answering practice question again.”

“What’s the use of doing so much? When the real exam will come, we will know what kind of student she really is.”

“The first time I am looking forward to the monthly exam, haha.”

… The second class was Chinese.
The teacher called someone in front to recite the text.

He didn’t know who it was, but he suddenly heard someone saying: “Teacher, Su Cheng has raised her hand.”

This sentence immediately greeted the class with a joke.

“Really?” Su Cheng? The teacher has the impression that this student writes her homework very carefully.

The Chinese teacher looked around and actually didn’t really know who Su Cheng was, and said: “Then Su Cheng, get up and recite this paragraph.”

Su Cheng stood up and the eyes of the whole class was on her.

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