S3YOC Chapter 8

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There is no indifference and dissatisfaction like what his mother usually have in the past, now there is only…fear?

The little body which was close to himself, was shaking slightly.


She was really scared.

The Fu Sijin’s feelings towards his mother loosened slightly, and he has his mouth’s corner twitched silently, as if he was mocking himself.

He immediately bent over in silence, put his big hand through Qingqing’s armpit, and hugged her back into his arms again.

“Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”


This is the first time he has said the word’protect’ to his mother, but neither did he expect it to be in this situation.

Protecting Qingqing, Fu Sijin went in to a cold drink shop and ordered a cup of hot coconut milk for her, so that she could hold it and drink slowly in order to calm her emotions.

Sitting in the deck by glass window, Qingqing sucked the sweet coconut milk while looking sideways at the world of tall people coming and going, now, she was not that scared.

At first, she was scared because she saw many people for the first time and the surrounding environment was too unfamiliar, so she couldn’t restrain her fear.

Now that she is getting familiar with this new environment, knowing that passers-by outside will not hurt her for no reason, she slowly let go her fear.

“Xiao Jin.” Turning her head to look at the silent man in front of her: “Are you angry?”


“No.” Fu Sijin said solemnly.

“You are angry.” The child was very sensitive to adults. Although it was only for moment, Qingqing still sensed Fu Sijin’s anger.


“No!” Fu Si retorted with a slightly raised voice, but still hiding his true feelings.

“Hey.” The palm was closed into a small white fist, then a small piece of something came from her fist and was placed in his hand.

Fu Sijin looked down and saw it was a small candu.

“Don’t be angry.” Qingqing’s half-body was slightly lying on the table, with her small head tilted up and looking at Fu Sijin with big watery eyes she was softly coaxing the big person in front of her, “Candy for you.”

“You… Where did this candy came from?” They don’t have candy at home, so Qingqing can’t get it from home.

“There.” Qingqing tapped the counter, where there was a basket of candies for the guests to take at will. “There in the basket. Pretty sister said I can take as many candies that I want.”

Qingqing opened her other small hand, and there was another one inside. “Qingqing took two, one for Xiaojin and one for me.”

She still knows how to share.

Hooked his lips and put away the candy with his backhand, Fu Sijin stood up and stretched out his hand to signal to Qingqing: “Let’s go.”


“Where?” Qingqing asked a question mark in his head, but still cleverly put his little hand into Fu Sijin. His big hands are firmly wrapped by him.

“Buy you clothes.”

Holding Qingqing’s little hand, Fu Sijin bends slightly to the side and walks forward with her short legs.

He found a good-looking children’s clothing store, and took Qing Qing inside to buy clothes.

“Welcome, what can I do for you?” The shopping guide lady greeted them with a polite and enthusiastic smile. Even seeing Qing Qing wearing obviously an unfit clothes, she didn’t show anything unusual.

“Choose a few clothes that will suit her.” Fu Sijin pointed at Qingqing.

He didn’t want to choose children’s clothes, but this doesn’t matter, just leave it to professional matters to professional people.

“Okay.” The shopping guide lady quickly picked out several suits for Qingqing, each of which fits well, including small skirts and pants, as well as super cute cartoon jumpsuits. When Qingqing put on the clothes, she looks too cute that makes people heart tremble.

Fu Sijin took a few glances, and then nodded with satisfaction: “Wrap everything up.”

He left the address in order to deliver the clothes, except for the set worn by Qing Qing, to the Fu’s house.


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