IJWLHGRAR Chapter 10.3

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The scene of Su Cheng being holdapped was witnessed by a pair of cold eyes not so far away.

Su Cheng was surrounded by many gangsters, but she was still calm with a strong expression. A look of surprise flashed in Gu Cheng’s eyes, he said in his heart:

- With Su Cheng surrounded by the gangsters, and the girl’s calm and strong expression, a look of surprise flashed in Gu Cheng’s eyes, and he said in his heart: When this kind of thing happened, this person didn’t even cry, and he didn’t miss her at all.


At this moment, Qi Yixuan asked the person next to him: “Gu Cheng, don’t you care about her?”


Gu Cheng sneered, “Why should I?”


Qi Yixuan’s eyes sank slightly after hearing this.


At the same time, over there, the head of the gangsters suddenly threw away the cash in Su Cheng’s hand, then smiled wryly at her, and said: “We don’t want money, I want you to play with us.”


Su Cheng was gradually forced to the corner by these several gangsters.


“How about you follow us, and when we have enough fun, we will let you go?”




“If you don’t care about her, then I will have to take care of it.” Qi Yixuan said to Gu Cheng in a very relaxed tone, but he didn’t mean it as a joke.


Although Qi Yixuan didn’t think he was a kind-hearted person, he couldn’t just watch Su Cheng being bullied by a group of punks.


What’s more, this is someone he knew, and Qi Yixuan doesn’t hate this seatmate of his.


“What kind of play?”


Su Cheng deliberately delayed time, and her hand behind had already quietly touched the phone from her schoolbag.


“There is more to play. You can enjoy the meaty, vegetarian, and scholarly martial arts.”


“I don’t like it.”


“This can’t be done without you.” A few gangsters were about to pull Su Cheng, when suddenly at this moment , a cold voice came: “She said that she didn’t like it, why don’t you understand?” The gangsters were taken aback: “Who is this nosy person?”


As her eyes scanned through this pack of gangsters, Su Cheng saw Qi Yixuan who was coming here.


Qi Yixuan stepped forward, he about to bring Su Cheng out of the little gangsters, but he didn’t expected that Gu Cheng would come over faster than him and knocked the little gangsters to the ground in a few strokes.


Those little gangsters were not stupid, they were so scared that they fled away as soon as they encountered this strong person.


And Gu Cheng, who had knocked the punks, didn’t even took a second look at Su Cheng, he turned around and left.


When leaving, Gu Cheng couldn’t help thinking: Why is Su Cheng here? And at this time? What is she doing outside at this late hour?


At this time, Qi Yixuan couldn’t feel but be bewildered by how Gu Cheng acted after punching those thugs. Su Cheng lives in his own house but he didn’t even cared about Su Cheng.


But soon, Qi Yixuan withdrew his gaze and looked at Su Cheng: “I met again. It’s a coincidence, that we we met here.”


Su Cheng: “…”


Qi Yixuan: “Frightened?




At this moment, Su Cheng did still have a calm look.


Qi Yixuan smiled indifferently: “That’s really a pity.”

I thought I could see what other expressions Su Cheng could have besides being calm. What a disappoinment.


Su Cheng groaned in her heart. After carrying her school backpack, she was about to leave, but Qi Yixuan followed her steps.


Su Cheng frowned: “What are you doing by following me?”


“Let me show you some love as a classmate and give you a ride.” Qi Yixuan said leisurely.


In Su Cheng’s memory, Qi Yixuan was someone who didn’t have much love for his relatives, and he could also brutally sent his uncles to the prison. Can he really have some love for his classmates?


“Thank you, and you didn’t need to do anything.” Su Cheng refused this so called.


Qi Yixuan didn’t seem to hear it, and he stubbornly followed Su Cheng by making a distance of half a meter behind her. Su Cheng was so annoyed by him that she immediately hired a taxi to leave.

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