QTVJWMM Chapter 1

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Chapter 1    

[ Brindle Entertainment’s main boy group ‘Red Comet’ is on the verge of disbanding!]

[Taking a closer look to the boy group Red Comet: Why did the former popular group suddenly fell?]

[Did a curse suddenly fell on them? The red comet really became a fallen star!] 

The man’s eyes swept through the news posted on Weibo, and could no longer suppress the irritability in his heart.

He slammed the phone to the ground and yelled “fuck”.

“Xu Yucheng, thank you for these two rubbish! Now they should be satisfied!”.

“The Red Comet is gone! The company is about to be tossed out by these two idiots!” he added.

Two young boys stand infront of him that both ages about twenty years old. One was standing slightly forward, with calm brows and pleasing face.

Hearing Wu Borang  scolding him, he subconsciously got nervous: “Brother!”

Wu Borang raised his head and looked at Xu Yucheng’s face. “Why? Do you still have to defend these two wastes? Don’t forget that your contracts is still on-going! The company hasn’t really bankrupt yet!”

The boy behind Xu Yucheng hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Wu Borang down. His tone was slightly filled with flattering and said: “Brother calm down for now, the captain has not yet changed his mentality now, and he has no intention of really contradicting you. Don’t be angry, let me have a chat with the captain, then later come and admit your mistakes.”

Wu Borang nodded, but slowly a sneer on his face appered: “Zhang Shi, you have to persuade your captain. He is the most important person needed to know this current affairs.”

  Zhang Shi smiled: “Definitely. “

 When he finished speaking, he pulled Xu Yucheng aside, and his voice suddenly became low: “Xu Yucheng! Are you crazy?! What are you doing with brother Wu?!”

   Xu Yucheng pursed his lips, seamingly not satisfied at all: “Zhang, he was talking bad about another member!”

“Whether it was not intentional, you have to apologize to him! Now let’s regroup soon! They said that even if this had not been done intentionally, that Xie Gu is still at fault. ”

Speaking of Xie Gu, Xu Yucheng’s face also appeared entangled: “Xie Gu, he… Anyway, even if he didn’t officially terminate the contract, I will still be the captain.”


Time stands still.

A translucent man appeared from the sky. He looked at the individual below, rubbed his chin, and asked: “The tallest one is the protagonist of this world?” A cold system sounded: “Yes. Xu Yucheng, 21 years old, 180 cm tall and 70 kg weight, is the absolute protagonist of this world.

Now, he debuted 1 year ago and his group is currently in danger of disbanding. After half a year, he will make his solo debut, and become the top performer in one year. He will be an actor that won a Grand Slam actor at the age of 22, and from then he became the king of the entertainment industry.”

“Oh,” Xie Gu stared at Xu Yucheng for a long time, “How is his economic status?”

The sysystem paused, it should be searching for information. “There is no deposit now, but his assets exceeded 100 million when he was 22 years old. At the time of death, however, his assets have not yet been specifically counted.”

 “Oh,” Xie Gu was satisfied, “That’s a shame.”

  He remembered something, and quickly asked: “That guy, does he have a wife and children?”

This time the system responded quickly: “Xu Yucheng has no love experience now, but he met the heroine Bai Ying at the age of 23, and the two were in love at the age of 25. They had a wedding at the age of 28. The couple was loving and they had one son and one daughter. “

He added, “Bai Ying is your fiancee, you previously liked Bai Ying very much.” The system said again.

“I don’t know any Bai Ying,” Xie Gu rolled his eyes, “What am I in front of my fiancee?”

“The original villain,” the system added empathetically, “You will soon transmigrate to the original villain’s character, and Bai Ying will become your fiancée.”


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